After College: an Registration How-To

This How-To document explains how to register at, complete with screenshots. Please also see the Frequently Asked Questions section at the end.

This document was updated in April 2010 to reflect another redesign of the AfterCollege site.

1. Start at the (sort of) CSE-branded UW CSE career network home page. A shortcut URL is Click on Sign Up on the top navigation bar.

UW CSE Career Network

2. Here is where you are filling in your most basic information. I'm pretending to be "Stanley Kramer."

Your email address is used as your AfterCollege login name.

This is also the page where you provide information about your degree.

Submit the form by pressing the button.

account signup

3. We need to edit our profile page. Find the link to that at the bottom of the page, anchored on your name, in my case "Stanley Kramer."

4. There is a variety of information you can enter here on the profile page, but we are going to focus on the "Add a website" field because if you have a web page to which you want accesses to your CSE web page to be redirected, here is where you will enter it. For example, if your username is skramer and you enter here, accesses to will be redirected to Don't forget to press the plus image or the website you enter won't be saved. Press the button.

add a website
enter home page URL

5. If you want email (or web) forwarding from your CSE account, we will need to know your CSE username. Somewhat oddly, to enter that you will start on the "Profile" page, find the the "Career Networks" heading, click on the "edit" link, click on "Edit" next to the "University of Washington Computer Science & Engineering" career network entry, and enter your "UW CSE ID" on that page. Be sure to press .

edit career network

Frequently-Asked Questions

I registered at AfterCollege, but my email and/or web forwarding isn't happening yet. Why?

Establishing both email and web forwarding requires that a human being vet the request. That means that it will typically take a day or more before the requests take effect. Patience is counseled, but if it's been more than a couple of days, please contact the alumni program administrator and ask us to check that your request is being handled properly.

My email address changed. What now?

You can now change your email address and/or password on the profile page.