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CSE Logo

The CSE logo is an award-winning design that was created for us back in 1997 by Michael Connors at the now-defunct Spangler Associates, a design firm that also created a rather too-glitzy-for-who-it-was-for site design that was never deployed.

In 2004, a second version of the logo that includes the text "University of Washington" and "Computer Science & Engineering" wrapping the logo was created locally.

Examples of the 1997 and 2004 logos are at right.

In 2009, a designer donated the 88-pixel square "badge" version of the logo that includes the text and the then-new "W" UW logo in the lower right corner; that's the image at the upper right corner of this page.

In 2011, University of Washington Creative Communications created versions with new colors, this as part of an overall web redesign effort. These are the current best versions to use for new content.

Examples of the 2011 logos are at left.

On this page, the webmaster has provided links to various Illustrator and bitmap files. Feel free to use these files, create your own from the Illustrator source, or, as a last resort, contact webmaster to ask for a custom version. We'll keep adding to what's on this page.

2011 version

Size PNG
144x144 CSElogo2_144.png
250x250 CSElogo2_250.png
500x500 CSElogo2_500.png
1000x1000 CSElogo2_1000.png

Adobe Illustrator source.

2011 version with text

Size PNG
144x146 CSElogo2text_144.png
250x254 CSElogo2text_250.png
500x508 CSElogo2text_500.png
1000x1015 CSElogo2text_1000.png

Adobe Illustrator source.

1997 version

144x144 CSElogo_144.gif(976 bytes) CSElogo_144.jpg(4207 bytes)
250x250 CSElogo_250.gif CSElogo_250.jpg(7360 bytes)
500x500 CSElogo_500.gif(3981 bytes) CSElogo_500.jpg(15536 bytes)
750x750 CSElogo_750.gif(6611 bytes) CSElogo_750.jpg(24362 bytes)
1000x1000 CSElogo_1000.gif(9417 bytes) CSElogo_1000.jpg(32187 bytes)

Adobe Illustrator source (19650 bytes).

1997 version, with text

144x144 CSElogoText_144.gif(2120 bytes) CSElogoText_144.jpg(16843 bytes)
250x250 CSElogoText_250.gif (4497 bytes) CSElogoText_250.jpg(24681 bytes)
500x500 CSElogoText_500.gif(12164 bytes) CSElogoText_500.jpg(47697 bytes)
750x750 CSElogoText_750.gif CSElogoText_750.jpg(74273 bytes)
1000x1000 CSElogoText_1000.gif CSElogoText_1000.jpg(100997 bytes)

Adobe Illustrator source (48780 bytes).


Also, 303x303 monochrome UW Seal, JPEG format, and EPS UW Seal. Somewhat anacronistic, now that UW has a new family of logos.

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