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Hank LevyWelcome. Thank you for your interest in pursuing your graduate education at the Department of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) at the University of Washington. We are proud of our highly ranked Ph.D. program and invite you to explore this site to learn whether or how to apply. UW CSE offers unique benefits to our Ph.D. students. Among them:

  • We produce research of the very highest quality, as indicated by an exceptional number of best paper awards at top conferences over the last decade and a faculty widely recognized as leading researchers in their fields.
  • We have a collegial and supportive environment for students, in which we work to help each student achieve his or her goals and potential. We see ourselves as the most student-centered of all top computer science departments.
  • We are located on Lake Washington in the city of Seattle. The city is unique in its combination of culture, natural beauty, and high-tech industry.

Our students benefit from many collaborations and relationships that we have developed across the campus and in the region. In addition to technology industry leaders such as Microsoft Research, Amazon.com, and Google Seattle -- all close to campus -- we have a top-rated medical school that is part of Seattle's bio-medical ecosystem, which also includes the Institute for Systems Biology, the Allen Brain Institute, and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute. We are also the leading center for global health, based on the presence of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the UW Center for Health Metrics and Evaluation, the UW School of Public Health, PATH (an international non-profit for global health), and others.

We are extremely strong in research in core computer science; however, our research efforts also seek to have impact outside of the core. As one example, an online multiplayer visual game called Foldit, developed in our department by Prof. Zoran Popovic and his students in collaboration with UW biochemist David Baker, recently led to the discovery of the structure of an AIDS-related protein that has baffled the scientific community for over a decade. As another example, Prof. Shwetak Patel recently won the prestigious MacArthur Foundation Award for his work on simple single-point sensors for the home that, when combined with machine learning software, provide homeowners with a detailed breakdown of power, water, and gas use to the device level. 

These are but a few examples of how we develop core technology and transform it to change the world. We cannot accomplish our goals without stellar faculty and well-trained students. Use this site to learn the particulars for applying to our Ph.D. program, where you can join us in contributing to these exciting and important times. Best wishes for your graduate school success.

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