Transfer Students

Visit an Information Session at the Paul G. Allen Center.

Dates are posted online.

For current UW students, the admission deadline is February 1st for Spring admission and July 1st for Fall admission.

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Competitive CSE transfer applicants have very strong grades in prerequisite courses, and consistently strong grades overall. We give priority to applicants from Washington state community colleges, and to Washington state residents.
As of Autumn 2015, CSE transfer applicants only apply through the UW's regular transfer applicationtransfer applicants do not submit a separate CSE application if they intent to begin the CSE major as soon as they transfer to the UW. Applicants will be considered for admission to UW and to CSE based on their UW application. You will receive notice about UW and departmental admission at the same time.
To pursue a CSE major, students must be admitted to both the UW and to the department. Transfer students who are admitted to UW as pre-majors or to another UW major are not admitted to UW with the guarantee that they can pursue CSE. Students who are not directly admitted to CSE should plan for another major. 
CSE prerequisites may be in-progress when students submit the UW transfer application. However, transfer students admitted to CSE must complete all standard prerequisites before enrolling at UW and starting the major-level courses. Completing prerequisites, including the equivalents of CSE 143 and Math 126, is crucial for starting the CSE major and graduating on time. 


CSE admits students for autumn and spring quarters only (not for winter or summer). Transfer students planning for CSE should apply for autum or spring, through the standard UW transfer application (no separate CSE application is necessary). Transfer application deadlines are 5 to 7 months before the quarter of admission, so make sure to read the UW admissions information carefully. 


Prerequisites for both the Computer Science and Computer Engineering majors are listed on the Regular Admission page.

Transfer credit information and a Transfer Equivalency Guide are available from the UW Admissions website. We also maintain a list of CSE transfer credit awarded for courses from local community and technical colleges: List of courses transferring as CSE 142 and 143

Introductory CSE Courses

Our introductory sequence currently consists of two courses: CSE 142 (Computer Programming I) and CSE 143 (Computer Programming II).  Both are taught in Java. Extensive materials for these courses (e.g., lecture notes, assignments, exams) are available at:

There are also websites for other courses offered in the department.

Advanced Placement (AP) Test Credits

UW students with AP scores of 4 or 5 on the Computer Science A Exam may receive credit for CSE 142.