Research Opportunities

Visit an Information Session at the Paul G. Allen Center.

Dates are posted online.

For current UW students, the admission deadline is February 1st for Spring admission and July 1st for Fall admission.

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The Department of Computer Science and Engineering is a global leader in core research and development for computer science and engineering.  CSE is committed to offering research opportunities to our undergraduate majors. Research is an exciting, and sometimes challenging, process of discovery and communicating discovery to others:  For a research result to be meaningful, it must be shared for others to apply or build upon.

You do not have to be heading to graduate school to find research work useful and rewarding.  Research involves multiple skills that CSE wants you to develop and apply: investigating prior work, experimenting, inventing, reasoning (proofs), collaborating, organizing, writing, and speaking. If there is no chance of failure, you are not doing research.

Projects will vary based upon your interests and current research work being conducted by faculty. CSE encourages our faculty sponsors to seek NSF Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU) grants so you can develop research skills as early as possible in your undergraduate education.

Undergrads like you now participate in research projects that:

We invite you to learn more about undergraduate research opportunities.