Why Choose CSE?

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For current UW students, the admission deadline is February 1st for Spring admission and July 1st for Fall admission.

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While we can easily identify the features and benefits of the Computer Science and Engineering department, making a choice always involves a subjective element:  Is the field of computing right for you?  Is the CSE department the right one for you?

To answer these questions, it’s helpful to hear from others who have made decisions about computing and the department.  Their needs and personal goals may help you better define your own. The videos that follow showcase the voices of CSE undergraduates, graduates, professors, and alumni. These short, two-minute clips describe how computing can change the world and change your life, demonstrating the value of a CSE education.

Power to Change the WorldPower to Change the World CSE undergraduates, graduates, alumni and faculty explain why they chose computing as their field.

Pathways in Computer SciencePathways in Computer Science.   Computer scientists and engineers describe the varied applications for their computing knowledge (e.g., research science, neurobotics, fighting forest fires, creating textbook graphics for the blind, rural community connectivity). 

Making a Difference in the Developing WorldMaking a Difference in the Developing WorldUW Ph.D. student Yaw Anowka presents his work on information technology for the developing world and calls out the contributions of UW undergraduates and graduate students to his Open Data Kit for East African countries.

A day in the lifeA Day in the Life.  Accompany recent CSE B.S. students on tours of their work in highly collaborative, creative and challenging computing environments.


For more information about how UW CSE undergrad students and alumni are applying and inventing computing technologies to solve problems in medicine, law, software design and other fields, visit our CSE Student Profiles.  

Check out some other videos of our students and their work.

Read what students who joined our program in Winter 2014 said about their reasons for choosing CSE.

Even More Reasons to Choose CSE...

Geekwire article on our outstanding recent graduate, Melissa Winstanley. Melissa graduated with a BS in Computer Science a BA in Music and was the 2012 UW President's medalist .

"Computer Studies Made Cool, on Film and Now on Campus"
(New York Times, 6/10/2011)

"Red Hot: The Computer Science Job Market"
(Xconomyarticle by UW CSE's Ed Lazowska, 5/17/2011)

"Considering a Career in Biotech? How About Trying Computer Science Instead?"
(Xconomyinterviews UW Dean of Engineering (and turncoat bioengineer) Matt O'Donnell, 5/2/2011)

KING 5 News on job prospects for UW CSE grads
("The job market may be tough for most, but not if you're a University of Washington computer science student.")

Top 10 Reasons to Major in Computing (ACM)
CNN Money ranks "Software Engineer" #1 among "Top 10 Best Jobs in America"
(We're not confident about #2, but #1 is a great pick!)

"Computer Science Takes Steps to Bring Women to the Fold"
(UW CSE is featured in the New York Times)

"New Programs Aim to Lure Young Into Digital Jobs"
(The New York Times profiles UW CSE alum Kira Lehtomaki, an animator at Walt Disney Animation Studios)

"'Exponentials R Us' -- Seven Computer Science Game-Changers from the 2000's, and Seven More to Come"
(An end-of-decade Xconomy article by UW CSE's Ed Lazowska)

"Where the jobs are ..."
(A report on the 2008-2018 US Bureau of Labor Statistics employment forecast, released in November 2009)

FOCUS identifies the "Best Jobs in America"
(March 2010 - we stack up OK!)