Mural of Steam-Powered Turing Machine

UW CSE is committed to remaining a global leader in core research and development for computer science and engineering.  Our faculty of over 100 full-time, adjunct/joint, and affiliate members strives through research and development, educational leadership, intellectual partnerships and community outreach to measurably improve science scholarship, commerce and society. CSE research excellence and achievement can be readily seen from this list of faculty awards and honors:

  • Thirty (and 5 adjunct) National Science Foundation CAREER Awards or Presidential/NSF Young Investigator Awards; 6 NSF Presidential Fellow or Early Career (PECASE) Awards; 6 Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Awards.
  • Twenty (plus 3 adjunct) Sloan Research Fellowships; 3 Packard Fellowships; 8 Fulbright Awards; 2 Guggenheim Awards; 2 MacArthur Fellows.
  • 3 Fellows of the National Academy of Engineering; 2 Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science; 1 Fellow of the American Academy of Arts & Sciences; 27 Fellows of other professional societies; numerous awards from professional societies.

We are active in most of the principal areas of computer science and computer engineering. Particular strengths include:

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