Computer Graphics, Vision, Animation, and Game Science

New Faculty

GRAIL is pleased to welcome new faculty members Ali Farhadi and Ira Kemelmacher-Shlizerman (computer vision), , and Jeff Heer (HCI and data visualization) to the department.

Research efforts in the UW CSE Graphics and Imaging Lab (GRAIL) group span a wide range of areas in computer graphics, vision, visualization, animation, and game science.

The GRAIL group is particularly known for research in computational photography, games for science and education, 3D reconstruction, Internet photo collections, object recognition, human shape and motion analysis, information visualization, and animation. GRAIL is affiliated with the Center for Game Science and the Animation Research Labs.
The Center for Game Science focuses on solving grand challenge problems, such as protein folding, math education, and real world geometry reconstruction via games.
The Animation Research Labs - a multi-disciplinary effort between the Departments of Computer Science & Engineering and Architecture, and the Schools of Art, DXARTS, Drama, Music - focus on research and education about animation production.

The GRAIL group is extremely collaborative, with many students being advised by two or more core or affiliate faculty. Our affiliate faculty include world-class researchers from Microsoft Research, Adobe, Intel, and Google. GRAIL alumni have gone on to prestigious faculty positions (CMU, Cornell, Toronto, Wisconsin, and others) and to top industry labs.