Systems and Networking Research

The UW CSE systems and networking group pursues high-impact, innovative research into fundamental aspects of networks, operating systems, distributed systems, and security. Our current research interests include: operating systems structure; reliable networks and systems; robust protocol design; security and privacy for Internet systems and services; peer-to-peer systems; mobile systems; wireless network; the measurement of deployed, wide-area systems, such as the Web and content distribution networks; pervasive computing; high-performance, scalable cluster-based systems; file systems; cloud computing, and virtual machine technology.

Our record places us among the best systems and networking research groups worldwide. Over the last decade, our research has been recognized with over 25 best paper awards at the major conferences in systems, networks, and security.

The systems, networking, and security groups are excited to welcome Shyam Gollakota who joined us in 2012, bringing his expertise in wireless networking to UW CSE. Click here for his latest research.