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Workshop on Software Engineering for Wearable and Pervasive Computing

6 June 2000, Limerick, Ireland


The devices are coming! Single-chip implementations of modest bandwidth, near-field, digital transceivers will be available within a year. These transceivers will allow large numbers of portable devices to communicate both among themselves and with a fixed-wire infrastructure. We are hard pressed to control the fixed, wired devices sitting on a desktop much less an ever-changing population of heterogeneous devices with ill-defined spatial and temporal relationships. How will we control, organize, and configure these devices without being overwhelmed by administrative tasks? How can we exploit the potential of hundreds to thousands of distributed devices scattered about in the near vicinity? What is the model that will allow us to deliver applications to a variety of devices with radically different modalities? How do we develop applications for these small devices? Are there compilation techniques that optimize for power, instead of speed/space?

The Workshop on Software Engineering for Wearable and Pervasive Computing is a forum for the discussion of the software engineering issues that will dominate this new space of devices, applications, and services. Pervasive and context-aware computing embrace a vision of information that is situated, continuous, and registered. Situated information is appropriate to the current context and the state of the environment, in other words, it is information that may be sensitive to any and all of: your personal preferences (who you are), your immediate associates (who you are with), your activity (what you are doing), the time of day (when it is done), the locale (where it is done), and the action (how it is done). Continuous information is always available irrespective of location or circumstances. Registered information overlays the virtual atop the physical, allowing the virtual world to inform physical objects, events, and persons, and the physical world to act as anchor points or structure for virtual representations. Wearable computing is the intimate apparel of pervasive computing --- body worn sensors, devices, computing engines, and software that inter-link personal and public space.

The history of computation is one of moving ever closer to "where the action is." Systems are migrating from mainframes to desktops to laptops to palmtops to wearables. Advances in silicon technology make it possible to embed inexpensive processors, sensors, and actuators in just about anything and everything. Pervasive computing holds the promise of erasing the barrier between the world of things and the world of information. All of these smart things and smart spaces will require software and lots of it. Without software architectures we are lost even before we begin the journey.

Important Dates

  • 25 February 2000: Submission deadline for papers
  • 24 March 2000: Notification to authors
  • 6 June 2000: Workshop date
  • 7-9 June 2000: ICSE2000 Conference dates

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