UW CSE Postdocs

Welcome to the CSE Postdoc website. We are proud of the contributions of our postdocs and are pursuing several initiatives to enhance the UW CSE postdoc experience and help these valued members of our research community to achieve their career goals. Toward this end, our department is a proud participant in the Computing Research Association's initiative to support postdoc best practices.

ArunaAt UW CSE, as at other major computer science programs across the nation, we have experienced a dramatic growth in our number of postdocs in recent years. As part of the CRA initiative, we are experimenting with new strategies for cultivating an environment that supports postdocs' success locally and nationally. We are working to develop processes by which the department as a whole – not just individual faculty members – assumes a reasonable measure of responsibility for the experiences that our postdoc scholars have while they are members of the UW CSE community. We are also committed to supporting our postdocs as they move on to the next stage of their careers.

Our aim is to lead the nation in the quality of our postdoc experience and to serve as a resource for postdoc best practices, with a focus on mentoring, communication and support for independent research. We encourage you to explore postdoc research at UW CSE and learn more about our efforts to build our program into a national model for supporting this vital segment of the computer science and engineering community.