The Computer Science & Engineering Annual Fund

Immediate impact in all of CSE's priority areas!

Every year, hundreds of CSE friends and alumni choose to support the CSE Annual Fund at levels between tens of dollars and thousands of dollars. These annual gifts - which are expended rather than placed into endowments - support all of CSE's priority areas. They may provide:

  • "startup packages" that allow us to attract the very finest new faculty and help them launch their careers
  • graduate fellowships that are critically important in the competition to recruit the best students
  • undergraduate scholarships that make a UW CSE education accessible to top students regardless of means
  • funds for targeted innovations in research or teaching

Endowments are important because they provide a permanent, stable source of funding. Annual gifts are important because they are flexible, and they have immediate impact - even greater impact if matched by an employer!

Your gift - at any level - is vital because it immediately addresses our areas of greatest need.

Profile: Annual giving supports Computer Science & Engineering "Capstone Design Courses"

Emer Dooley and Rob Short
Rob Short, Emer Dooley

"Capstone Design Courses" are a hallmark of CSE's undergraduate program. In these courses, teams of students tackle complex hardware, software, and embedded system design and implementation projects of their own invention. In any particular year, Capstone Design Courses are likely to be offered in topics such as computer animation, embedded system design, digital system design, distributed multi-player video games, and Internet systems. Videos of recent Capstone Design Courses may be found here.

In several recent years, CSE alumnus Rob Short and his wife Emer Dooley have provided CSE Annual Fund gifts that the Chair has used to support Professor Gaetano Borriello's Capstone Design Course in embedded systems. Rob and Emer's generosity has made it possible to acquire advanced hardware components for specific projects, enabling students to tackle projects of a sophistication that simply would not be possible without private support. The W.T. Baxter Computer Engineering Laboratory in the Allen Center provides a wonderful new home for this activity, making support such as Rob's and Emer's even more important.

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