The Allen School offers a premier educational experience to undergraduate students, graduate students, and multidisciplinary students in computer science and engineering fundamentals, problem solving and innovation. We also offer lifelong educational renewal opportunities for employed professionals as well as a robust postdoctoral research program for Ph.D. holders interested in building their academic research credentials.

Through educational leadership, research and development, intellectual partnerships and community outreach, we seek to measurably improve science scholarship, commerce, and society. At all levels, we are committed to promoting diversity in our community and in our field — offering a welcoming and inclusive environment for all, including international students, women, and other underrepresented groups.

Undergraduate Programs


The Allen School offers two undergraduate majors: the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, awarded through the College of Arts and Sciences, and the Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, awarded through the College of Engineering. For both majors, we are proud to offer a rigorous and engaging curriculum that prepares our students for successful careers in industry, academia, and public service. Our students also benefit from many collaborations and relationships that we have developed across the campus and in the region. The Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering is accredited by the EAC Accreditation Commission of ABET (

Combined Bachelor's/Master's Program


The Combined Bachelor of Science/Master of Science Program - also known as the Fifth Year Master's Program - enables current and recent Allen School undergraduate majors to earn both degrees in approximately 5 years. Allen School B.S./M.S. students earn a master's degree in approximately one year of courses beyond standard bachelor's requirements. The program was created with industry-bound students in mind, to provide an opportunity for these students to gain more depth in their favorite subjects, increase their breadth of knowledge in subjects they could not fit into their undergraduate curriculum, and provide an efficient pathway to an advanced degree that enhances their career prospects. The Combined B.S./M.S. option is only available to computer science or computer engineering majors enrolled in the Allen School on UW’s Seattle campus.

Full-time Ph.D. Program


The Allen School’s full-time Ph.D. program is a research-intensive program in which students earn their Master’s and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Consistently ranked among the top computer science and engineering graduate programs in the nation, we offer a collegial and supportive learning environment, research opportunities of the highest quality, and the chance to collaborate with entrepreneurial faculty who are recognized leaders in their fields. The Allen School provides all students accepted into the Ph.D. program full financial support in the form of teaching/research assistantships and fellowships, from program inception to degree, and the program accommodates individuals with student visas. We are proud of our record of accomplishment in mentoring student researchers who go on to positions at the very best academic departments and industry laboratories — and in the process, produce research that drives our field forward while generating innovations with real-world impact.

Professional Master's Program


The Allen School’s Professional Master’s Program (PMP) is a part-time evening program designed for fully-employed professionals in the Puget Sound region who are interesting in continuing on their career paths while acquiring critical skills to move them into positions and projects of greater responsibility and impact. The program can accommodate individuals on work visas, but not student visas. The PMP offers unique benefits to working professionals, including an opportunity to interact with other talented area professionals in a flexible, part-time learning environment that blends focused academic coursework and exciting colloquia with practical engineering and development insights and tools. PMP students learn from the Allen School’s world-class faculty who are internationally known for their contributions to key technical fields. Our faculty members bring the latest skills and knowledge, as well as their extensive experience, into the classroom to benefit your professional development, products and projects.

Postdoctoral Program


The Allen School has a robust postdoctoral research program that enables early-career researchers to advance their academic careers following their Ph.D. Postdocs work alongside our world-class faculty, engage in independent research projects, and have the opportunity to mentor student researchers.

Interdisciplinary, External, & Re-entry Offerings

The Allen School has helped shape and participates in several interdisciplinary programs and other educational opportunities beyond our core degree programs, both on and off the UW Seattle campus. Other institutions in the region also have strong offerings. On this page we provide links to the U Bachelor of Science in Applied & Computational Mathematical Sciences, the UW Master of Science in Data Science, the UW Master of Science in Technology Innovation offered at the Global Innovation Exchange, the Align Master of Science in Data Science from Northeastern University's Seattle campus, related programs at UW's Bothell and Tacoma campuses, and more.

K-12 Education


DawgBytes, our robust K-12 outreach program, provides a variety of opportunities for students and teachers to engage in computer science, including but not limited to the following: Summer day camps designed to introduce elementary, middle and high school students to web design, robotics, and more; Computing Open House for middle and high school students and their families to explore computing through hands-on activities, lab tours, and the opportunity to meet representatives of local technology companies; and the CS4HS professional development workshop for middle school and high school mathematics and science teachers.

Diversity & Inclusion

A commitment to diversity and inclusion is a fundamental part of our mission as a public educational institution. The Allen School strives to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for people of all backgrounds. Our faculty, staff, and student body are diverse in race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, ability/disability, age, socioeconomic background, academic experience, veteran status, and more. Learn about our commitment to broadening participation in our program and in our field.