You may apply to the BS/MS program at different points in your undergraduate studies. Most students apply at the end of their junior years after completing all required 300-level CSE courses, or when they have roughly one year left in their undergraduate studies. A small number apply later, while finishing senior-level requirements. However, all students must begin graduate coursework within one year of receiving their bachelor's degrees. If you are unsure when to apply, please contact a CSE advisor.


The following are the minimum requirements for applying to the Allen School's Combined Bachelor's/Master's program:

  • You are an Allen School CS or CE undergraduate major.
  • You have junior standing or beyond (90 or more credits).
  • Your GPA is 3.0 or higher.
  • You have completed all required 300-level CSE courses.

Competitive applicants will exceed these minimums, typically showing higher grades, CSE coursework beyond the minimum required, and strong written application materials.

Application Information

The application is open now! It will close on June 9th, 11:59pm:

Application Timeline

  • May 20th: Application opens
  • June 9th: Application closes
  • Mid-Late June: Faculty recommenders submit feedback; BS/MS Admissions Committee reviews applications
  • Early July: Decisions sent

Note that the application window is very small.  If you are interested in applying, please contact a CSE advisor and/or prepare your application materials sufficiently early in the admissions cycle.


Your application requires the following components:

  • Statement of Purpose.  Your statement should be no longer than one page.  Topics to address include: (1) Why are you interested in pursuing a combined BS/MS?  (2) What specific aspects of the program interest you, such as areas of study? (3) What makes you a good candidate for this program?
  • References.  List 2-3 CSE faculty members or affiliate faculty as references.  You must have at least 2 references who can speak to your classwork and/or research abilities.  A third reference is strongly encouraged, and could either be a faculty member for whom you were a TA or another reference who knows you from classwork or research. It is courteous to ask faculty members before listing them as references.
  • Transcripts:  Upload a copy of your UW unofficial transcript (use the "printer-friendly" version from MyUW).
  • Resume:  You have the option to upload a current resume.
  • MyCSE:  Confirm that your MyCSE profile is up-to-date, including scholarships, co-ops/internships, and research.

There is no fee for students completing the initial CSE BS/MS application. Students admitted to the BS/MS program must complete the UW Grad School application and pay an application fee as well as an enrollment fee once they become a graduate student (due before tuition).