Time Schedules

You should bookmark this page. It has all of the time schedules you need linked off of it: https://www.cs.washington.edu/education/time-sched/

The pages you will use are:

  1. UW CSE Time Schedule
  2. CSEM 5th Year Masters Daytime Courses (these are the M versions of 400-level courses)
  3. CSEM 5th Year Masters Evening courses (these are your spaces in the PMP courses)

Registering for Classes as an Undergrad 

If you are still a undergrad, you need help to register for 5XX courses. You do not need to get instructor permission to register for CSE graduate courses if you have been admitted into the BS/MS program. Send Jenifer or vgrad-advisor@cs an email with your student number and the SLNs of the classes you want and I can get you registered.

How do you know if a course is a good fit for me? Will it be redundant with what I have already taken?

Short answer - graded graduate courses will always count towards your degree, so don't worry about that part.  The content of any course can vary depending on the offering, so it is always best to check with the instructor if you have any questions or concerns about whether it would be a good fit for you.


  • CSE 519/520: Colloquia/Distinguished Lecture talks. Find them here: https://www.cs.washington.edu/news_events
    • You are responsible for roughly 1/week. Can’t go one week? Watch archives on CSE youtube or the CSE website. 
    • CSE 520 is Thursdays at 3:30, CSE 519 is Tuesdays at 3:30. However, you are welcome to register for either one and attend whatever talks are available.
    • You can't count both 519 and 520 taken in the same quarter towards your degree as there simply aren't that many talks. If you are still interested in taking both in one quarter, talk with Crystal or Jen first.
  • CSE 590: Research/Topical Seminars. 
    • You can register for any 590, but first consider: Is it a good fit for your areas of interest? How many people are enrolled? (this might help you determine if it's a small research group meeting or a larger seminar). Does it have a time/place listed? Always double check with instructor if you have questions.
  • Other seminars: 
    • CSE 601 internship credit can count for 1 of your 4 seminar credits 
    • Want to use a different seminar? Ask Jen or Crystal