The December 16th deadline for Autumn 2020 consideration will be extended through December 27 for applicants living in Iran. For more information, contact Elise Dorough, Director of Graduate Student Services, via email at or by telephone at (206) 685-1369.

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Applications must be submitted by the December deadline. All Allen School Ph.D. applicants are required to provide the following information on the online University of Washington Application for Graduate Study by that date:

  • Statement of Purpose: An approximately 1,000 word (max 500KB) online statement that includes your reasons for wishing to enter graduate studies in computer science. Describe your research interests and any relevant experience. Highlight accomplishments, skills or knowledge that could contribute to the intellectual and social enrichment of the school. You may include an explanation for weaknesses, if any, in your record. Type or copy/paste your content into the textbox.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV): A resume-like synopsis that emphasizes your academic accomplishments: degrees, publications, professional experience, honors/awards, and work experience. You can upload a PDF, Word, or plain text file of your CV to the online application.
  • Three Letters of Recommendation: You will be asked to enter online the names and contact information (e.g., affiliation, email, phone) for your references and then to activate a request for a letter of recommendation. You must enter this information even if letters are being submitted via postal mail.
  • List of Faculty of Interest (optional): If you are confident that you'd like to work with any particular faculty member(s), you may indicate their name(s) in a supplemental question. This question is optional and won't affect your chances of admission, rather it will help us to sensibly route applications during the review process. For a list of faculty and a description of their research, see our faculty directory. Please only list their full first and last name, and double-check for typos before submitting.  
  • GRE Scores: Please request that ETS send your scores to the University of Washington, institution code 4854. Scores will be delivered electronically to your online application. Scores must be no more than 5 years old. A note on self-reported scores: The Allen School will evaluate an application using self-reported scores. However, official scores must be delivered to the University of Washington prior to accepting an offer of admission.
  • TOEFL Scores: These scores are required for all international applicants with certain exceptions. Please request that ETS send official scores to the University of Washington, institution code 4854; official scores are automatically matched to their applications. Scores must be no more than 2 years old.
  • Unofficial Transcript: Unofficial transcripts must be uploaded into the online application. You will be asked to submit an official hardcopy transcript only if you are offered admission. Therefore, do not send hardcopy transcript materials until you are asked to do so.
  • Application Fee: An $85 application fee is required for your application to be processed by the UW Graduate School Admissions Office. You must pay online to be able to declare your application complete.

Please note that we are proactive in handling partner situations in the admissions review process, so please let us know if such a situation exists and we will help if we can.

If you have any questions after reading these instructions, please review the Frequently Asked Questions and then email the Graduate Adviser or by scheduling an appointment.

Information About Application Fee Waivers and Pre-Payment Options

Financial Need (U.S. Residents):

The UW Graduate School offers application fee waivers to U.S. residents who demonstrate financial need. The process for requesting a fee waiver from the UW Graduate School is available on their application page.

Application Fee Pre-Payment:

The Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering offers to pre-pay the application fee for applicants who participate in the GEM Fellowship Program. Applicants who participate in groups or programs which focus on outreach as it relates to preparing students for computer science research careers may also be eligible. In order to request pre-payment of the fee, the applicant must first complete all required components of the application. Prior to submitting, email with the following information at least seven (7) calendar days ahead of the application deadline:

  • Full Name
  • UW Graduate School Application ID Number
  • Proof of Program Participation