A total of approximately 90 credits is required to complete the CSE Ph.D. program, 60 of which must be earned at the University of Washington. The University requires 60 credits earned before scheduling the General Exam and requires a cumulative GPA of 3.0 for graduation. Coursework taken toward the M.S. degree is applicable toward the Ph.D. degree.

As you plan your coursework, keep in mind the following requirements:

  • 45 credits minimum must be from the Computer Science & Engineering curriculum.
  • 15 credits may be in supporting fields, such as: engineering, mathematics, natural sciences, business administration, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, or medicine.

Of the 90 total credits required for the Ph.D. degree:

  • 40 credits must be in 500 level courses or above.
  • 18 credits at the 500-level must be completed in order to pass the breadth component of the Qualifying Evaluation.
  • At least 4 CSE courses numbered 500 or above (or graduate courses in related disciplines approved by the Qualifying Committee) must be completed for graded credit, in addition to the 6 courses taken to satisfy the breadth component of the Qualifying Evaluation. At least 2 of these 4 additional courses must be CSE courses (or waivers of CSE courses) unless there is written approval by the student's research advisor and the Qualifying Committee. Students may petition to count graduate courses completed at other schools toward this requirement if the course is equivalent in depth to a graded CSE graduate course. The school will not consider waivers for non-CSE courses.
  • 27 credits must be Computer Science 800 (dissertation).