In addition to the 5 Breadth courses, in order to complete the required coursework for the Ph.D. students must take 2 courses from the CSE++ list if they haven’t already done so.  CSE++ courses include:

  • Graded Ph.D.-level courses numbered 500 and above in CSE (including additional Breadth courses).

  • Graded Ph.D.-level  courses numbered 500 and above in related disciplines such as: E E, MATH, A MATH, HCDE, iSchool, STAT, LINGUISTICS, and GENOME.

  • Additional pre-approved CSE++ courses from disciplines not included in the options above are: EDC&I 510, ME 564, ME 565, BIME 532, NEURO 545.

Courses not on the CSE++ list may be approved on a case-by-case basis. Students who wish to request approval for additional courses should send the Director of Graduate Student Services a document including the course name and description, a syllabus or course webiste, a paragraph explaning why the course should be approved, and proof of faculty advisor endorsement. 

These final courses can be completed at any time during the Ph.D. program.

HCDE 544 and INSC 571 cannot both be used toward the CSE Ph.D.

HCDE 545 and INSC 572 cannot both be used toward the CSE Ph.D.