The Allen School currently has two sets of Ph.D. course requirements which current students may be pursing one of:

Approved for Quals Ph.D. Requirement (2009-2020)

Among the six graded Quals courses required in 2009-2020, students may include these non-CSE graduate courses at the University of Washington that have been pre-approved by the CSE faculty. (These courses do not satisfy the area distribution requirement.)

Genome 540  Computational Molecular Biology

At most one of:
HCDE 544 Research Methods I
HCDE 545 Research Methods II
INSC 570 Research Design
INSC 571 Quantative Methods
INSC 572 Qualitative Methods

Approved for Post-Quals Ph.D. Requirement

The non-CSE courses listed below may be used for post-quals or CSE ++ course requirements without petition. Note the following exceptions:

HCDE 544 and INSC 571 cannot both be used toward the CSE Ph.D.
HCDE 545 and INSC 572 cannot both be used toward the CSE Ph.D.

515 Optimization: Fundamentals and Applications
533/CSE 529  Neural Control of Movement: A Computational Perspective
579/CSE 579  Intellegent Control through Learning and Optimization 
584 Applied Linear Algebra and Introductory Numerical Analysis

510 History of Educational Technology

510 Mathematical Foundations of Systems
511  Introduction to Statistical Learning
512 Graphical Models
514 Information Theory I
518 Digital Signal Processing
541 Automatic Layout of Integrated Circuits
546 Biocircuits (Spr 09 only)
560 Neural Engineering
EE/AA/ME 578 Optimization in System Sciences (Convex optimization and its applications)
595 Dynamic Graphical Models
596 Advanced Topics in Signal and Image Processing (Au 08 only)

540 Computational Molecular Biology I
541 Computational Molecular Biology II

TC 598 Special Topics: Cognitive Aspects of Communicative Systems (Au 08, Sara Kriz instructor)
511 Information Visualization
517 Usability Testing
546 Design Thinking
548 Advanced Topics in HCDE: Crowdsourcing (Au 12, Kate Starbird instructor)
548 Advanced Topics in HCDE: Design Research and Children (Sp 15, Julie Kientz instructor)
598 Special Topics: Information Graphics: Creating Science Graphics for Acdemic Publications and Presentations (Su 11, Sara Kriz instructor)
598 Special Topics: Physical Computing (Su13, Andrew Davidson instructor)

546 Assistive Technology and Inclusive Design
599A Practical Statistics for HCI

570 Shallow Processing Techniques for NLP
575 Seminar on Statistical Machine Translation
575 Topics in Computational Linguistics (Spr 13, Win 17, Aut 19)
579 Semantic Theory II

512 Numerical Analysis
582 Special Topics in Numerical Analysis (Wi 09 only)

564 Mechanical Engineering Analysis I
565 Mechanical Engineering Analysis II

532 Biology and Informatics

545 Quantitative Methods in Neuroscience

502 Design and Analysis of Experiments
512 Statistical Inference
513 Statistical Inference
516 Stochastic Modeling of Scientific Data
538 Scientific and Statistical Computing
547 Derivatives: Theory, Statistics, and Computing
593 Special Topics (Cluster Analysis nd Unsupervised Learning, Sp 14 only)