This section contains essential information and advice about being a Ph.D. student in the Allen School:

Funding & Fellowships

Explore the various types of funding available to support Allen School Ph.D. students, from teaching and research assistantships, to fellowships and travel grants.

Advising & Expectations

Our Ph.D. students' success is based in part on active and thoughtful relationships with their advisors, who provide essential guidance and support to students launching their academic research careers. This section provides helpful insights into maintaining a productive student-advisor relationship, including advice on selecting an advisor, choosing a research topic, setting expectations, and addressing potential problems.

Annual Review of Progress

Learn about the Annual Review of Progress, a yearly assessment conducted by a committee of Allen School faculty members of each Ph.D. student's progress toward meeting program milestones. Each student is an individual, and individual schedules will vary. The purpose of the annual review is to ensure that each student is maintaining satisfactory performance in coursework and research and achieving the goals set in consultation with their advisor(s) over the course of the program.

Technical Reports

Understand the process for publishing a technical report on your research, including obtaining faculty permission, requesting a TR number, formatting requirements, and submitting a report.

Mentoring Undergraduates

Discover how to engage undergraduate students in your research, including how to recruit potential students, whether to offer credit or monetary compensation, and tips for providing a rewarding experience to undergraduate researchers as valued members of your team.

Practical Information

Find useful information on how we determine office and desk assignments, obtaining health insurance, academic misconduct and privacy policies, the process for requesting on-leave status, and how to prepare for graduation.

Graduate Student Affairs

Visit our student affairs page, maintained by students for students, to find helpful links and insights on a range of topics that will help you engage with the Allen School community and get the most out of your time as a Ph.D. student.

Career Support

Resources to help you prepare for the job search.