After passing the qualifying evaluation, you've earned an master's degree! Here's how to apply:

  1. Run a DARS Audit to confirm your course requirements are met.
    • Something doesn't look right? Email grad-advising@cs. The requirement to be currently enrolled will not be marked "OK" until the Graduate School administers your degree. The requirement to complete your work within six years also will not be marked "OK" until the Graduate School administers your degree.
    • Don't have 18 graded credits (GS 1.1) due to waivers? That's ok -- set a reminder to apply for your master's degree after your next course and earn it in the following quarter.

  2. Apply for your master's degree degree:
    1. Log into MyGrad
    2. Select "Request Degree" followed by "Master's"
    3. Your program is: "MASTER OF SCIENCE (COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGINEERING) - Computer Science & Engineering, Major/Pathway CSE 00-25." Do not select the programs labeled "Evening / CSE E" or "BS/MS / CSE M"."
    4. Your "thesis option" is "Non-Thesis Program." The Graduate School treats quals as a project, not a thesis.

You should apply for an master's degree even if you plan to continue onto the Ph.D. We earn funding from the state of Washington based on the number of degrees we grant, so you're helping out the Allen School. Degrees are awarded at the end of the quarter in which you applied. A master's degree can not be awarded in the same quarter as your Ph.D.

International Students

Your 2 year timer for OPT begins when you earn a degree. If you apply for an MS degree, the timer starts running after the quarter you earn it. If you are unsure that you will complete your PhD, consider waiting to apply for your MS in case you decide to depart early without a Ph.D. The 2 year timer starts anew when you earn your Ph.D.