Fellowships Requiring Faculty Nominations

These fellowships typically come from industry and are open to both international and domestic students. Students cannot apply to these directly, though it can still be helpful to know about them so students can discuss with their advisor(s). Some of these put candidates through a post-nomination interview process, while others are awarded with no student involvement whatsoever.

2024-2025 Industry Fellowship Nomination Timeline & Process

Allen School faculty are invited to nominate their students for competitive industry fellowships annually. Each fellowship operates on a different timeline, so the Allen School’s internal selection process occurs on a rolling basis through summer and fall as each company announces their timeline and process. The calls for internal nominations are made via email to the Allen School faculty mailing list and are reviewed by an internal fellowship selection committee. The Director of Graduate Student Services will submit the nominations on behalf of the Allen School and UW, unless instructions specify otherwise.

Students who believe they may be a competitive nominee should speak to their advisor(s) directly about being nominated.

24-25 Faculty Nomination Form

The internal nomination form is unavailable when there are no active nomination cycles.
Fellowship NameInternal Nominations Open to FacultyInternal Nomination Deadline
Apple Scholars in AI/MLJuly 25, 2023August 7, 2023
Google Ph.D. FellowshipTBATBA
IBM Ph.D. FellowshipTBATBA
JP Morgan AI Research Ph.D. FellowshipTBATBA
Microsoft Research Ph.D. FellowshipON HOLD IN 2023ON HOLD IN 2023
Two Sigma Ph.D. Fellowship & Two Sigma Diversity FellowshipTBATBA

Questions about the internal nomination process can be directed to the Director of Graduate Student Services (Elise Dorough, elised@cs.washington.edu).

Fellowships Requiring Applications

These are all national, well-known fellowships. In most cases (but not all - the Hertz is available to upper-years as well) students are eligible to apply during their senior year as an undergraduate, or at the beginning of their first or second year in graduate school. These fellowships all follow the same application format: 3-4 essays, transcripts, resume or awards list, 3 letters of recommendation, and a research proposal. Don't worry-- typically they don't expect students to follow their proposal, they just want to see that students can think logically about problems in the field. Also, it's perfectly fine to get recommendations from both undergraduate and graduate programs (internships/summer jobs/research labs are another good source for these).

Allen School Fellowships

There are quite a number of endowed fellowships that come from or through the Allen School. These include several "CSE fellowships" for first-year students. These don't require applications and for the most part are offered to recruit prospective students during graduate admissions.