Below are the Allen School's policies for the funding of graduate students, along with information about categories and sources of fellowships and travel grants available.

Funding Policies and Procedures

Refer to the TA home page for further information on teaching assistant responsibilities, remuneration levels, and application procedures. 

      1. Funding in the form of a Teaching Assistantship or a Research Assistantship is guaranteed to students in their first three academic years (excluding summer) subject to satisfactory progress toward the degree and satisfactory performance of TA/RA duties. When Research Assistantships are not available, the default is a Teaching Assistantship. 
      2. Funding Levels
        • RA/TA = Master's students
        • RA1/TA1 = Pre-generals Ph.D. students
        • RA2/TA2 = Post-generals Ph.D. students
      3. Students holding fellowships will be supplemented to the RA level of their academic status if their fellowship stipend is below that level. The supplement should, when possible, come from the student’s advisor. If this is not possible, the advisor can request that the Allen School fill in the gap. (Schedule 2/3)
      4. Academic Year Funding Options (Autumn, Winter, Spring)
        1. RA/TA Split. Students work 10 hrs. per week as RA, 10 hrs. per week as TA. (Schedule 1) 
        2. RA/TA Option. Students work 15 hrs. per week as RA, 10 hrs. per week as TA. (Schedule 1) The student is paid 25% of the TA rate for 10 hrs. per week and 37.5% of the RA rate for 15 hrs. per week, for a total of 25 hrs. per week. CSE has a special standing waiver for the TA/RA option, which is a graduate appointment that is greater than the 50% (20 hrs. per week) maximum allowed by the Graduate School during the regular academic year.
      5. Fellowships and TA or RA Appointments
        1. Students holding a fellowship may also have a TA appointment concurrently to fulfill their graduation requirement. These appointments will be occasional, so annual TA appointments concurrent with a fellowship will not be allowed. The TA salary will be paid on Sch. 2, since tuition and health insurance is usually covered by the fellowship.
        2. Students holding a fellowship may also have a 50% RA appointment during the summer quarter. Occasional RA appointments may be allowed during the academic year. The RA salary will be paid on Sch. 2, since tuition and health insurance is usually covered by the fellowship.
      6. Summer Funding (Not Guaranteed)
        1. Teaching Assistantship positions are 50% (20 hrs. per week) for two months (four pay periods, from June 16 to August 15), as budgeted by Summer Quarter. Summer TA positions also include a 20% supplemental salary, per union contract.
        2. Research Assistantship positions during the summer quarter are between 50%-100% (20-40 hrs. per week) for 2.5 months (June 16-August 31) or 3 months (June 16-September 15), depending on funding availability and other constraints particular to the faculty member and students. (Schedule 1)
        3. Grad Hourly is also available as an option to pay students who do not need to enroll in tuition-based credits during summer quarter, though traditionally this has not been used. Utilizing grad hourly may save faculty money yet still provide students with a good income, because it avoids the payment of tuition. PIs should always check with their grants manager to get an accurate estimate of the cost difference from using RA positions to fund students. Note that grad hourly positions do not include health benefits (GAIP), IMA access, or summer UPASS. Though, students who were enrolled and on GAIP through the academic year will automatically have summer health insurance regardless of summer enrollment.

Out-of-State Work Requests

UW HR policies on out-of-state work apply to graduate student employees. To request approval for out-of-state work, students must do the following: 

  1. Consult with faculty advisor and if approved by them, complete two forms:

    1. Temporary request for out-of-state work OR permanent request for out-of-state work

    2. Telework agreement (working at any non-UW worksite is considered telework)

  2. Send the completed forms to the Director of Graduate Student Services, Elise Dorough (

Once approved, CSE HR will forward approval to the student, cc'ing Elise, the faculty advisor, and CSE payroll (Eric Eto).


There are two major categories of fellowship: those that students can apply for directly, and those to which students must be nominated by faculty. Most students will be more interested in the first category, since these are the fellowships that you can actively seek for yourself. We try to keep a list of fellowship that CSE students have applied for or won in the past. You will see those below. You can also use other resources at the UW to find fellowship opportunities, including:

Fellowships Requiring Applications

These are all national, well-known fellowships. In most cases (but not all - the Hertz is available to upper-years as well) students are eligible to apply during their senior year as an undergraduate, or at the beginning of their first or second year in graduate school. Unfortunately all of the fellowships listed here require U.S. permanent residency at a minimum; most require full citizenship. These fellowships all follow the same application format: 3-4 essays, transcripts, resume or awards list, 3 letters of recommendation, and a research proposal. Don't worry--none of them expect you to follow your proposal, they just want to see that you can think logically about problems in your field. Also, it's perfectly fine to get recommendations from both your undergrad and graduate programs (internships/summer jobs/research labs are another good source for these).


Sponsor: National Science Foundation
Eligibility: U.S. Citizens; Seniors, 1st-years, 2nd-years
Yearly stipend: $30,000
Conditions: None
Duration: 3 years
App Deadline: Early to mid-November
Rec Letters: 4
Deferrable: Up to 2 years
Good to know: This one is well-known in CS schools/departments all over the place.


Sponsor: Department of Defense (your work need not be related to the DoD in any way)
Eligibility: U.S. Citizens; Seniors, 1st-years, 2nd-years
Stipend: $31,000
Conditions: None
Duration: 3 contiguous years
App Deadline: Jan. 7
Rec Letters: 3
Defereable: In special cases only
Good to know: The NDSEG's money comes straight to you instead of through the school, which means that if you TA while on this fellowship, you get your TA stipend in addition to your full fellowship stipend. Not a bad deal!!


Sponsor: NASA


Sponsor: Department of Energy (your work need not be related to the DoE in any way)
Eligibility: U.S. Citizens & permanent residents; Seniors, 1st-years
Yearly stipend: $36,000
Conditions: Summer practicum at a DoE lab before the end of second year, and coursework in mathematics and natural sciences
Duration: Up to 4 contiguous years
App Deadline: Early-January
Rec Letters: 3
Deferrable: ???
Good to know: This fellowship is intended for cross-disciplinary students, such as in computational biology or robotics (for example).

DOE Graduate Student Research Program

Sponsor: Department of Energy, Office of Science
Eligibility: U.S. Citizens; obtained Ph.D. canidacy
Yearly stipend: up to $36,000
Conditions: Responsible for establishing a collaboration with a laboratory scientist prior to applying.
Duration: Up to 4 contiguous years
App Deadline: mid-September
Rec Letters: 2


Sponsor: Hertz Foundation
Eligibility: U.S. Citizens & permanent residents; any year of study
Yearly stipend: $25,000 (9 months)
Conditions: None
Duration: 5 years (renewed yearly upon satisfactory progress)
App Deadline: Nov. 2
Rec Letters: ??? (at least 3)
Deferrable: No, but if an alternative fellowship is used for three of the five years, Hertz will provide an additional $3,000 for each of those years and pay $33,000 for the two not covered by the other fellowship.
Good to know: This one is extremely competitive since so few are given out each year.

Google Anita Borg Scholarship

Sponsor: Google
Eligibility: Women enrolled in Ph.D program or an undergraduate senior. Must be studying Computer Science or Computer Engineering.
One-time award: $10,000 for winners; $1,000 for finalists
Conditions: None, but they fly you to Google for a few days of events and will also pay for you to attend Grace Hopper in the year that you win.
Duration: 1 year
App Deadline: Feb. 1
Rec Letters: 2
Deferrable: No
Good to know: All finalists are interviewed over the phone to determine the winners.


Sponsor: American Association of University Women
Eligibility: U.S. Citizen or permanent resident women beginning their dissertation work
Yearly stipend: $30,000
Conditions: None
Duration: 1 year
App Deadline: Nov. 15
Rec Letters: 3
Deferrable: No
Good to know: $20,000/year postdoc fellowships are also offered by the AAUW (the above information pertains to their Dissertation Fellowship)

NASA Graduate Student Research Program

Sponsor: NASA
Eligibility: U.S. Citizens in any year of their graduate study
Yearly stipend: $18,000
Conditions: None
Duration: Renewable up to 3 years
App Deadline: Feb. 1
Rec Letters: Only ONE!!
Deferrable: No
Good to know: This comes with a potential internship at a NASA or JPL research lab, even though it's not advertised on the site.

Ford Foundation Fellowship

Sponsor: Ford Fund
Eligibility: U.S. citizen Ph.D candidates
Yearly stipend: $21,000
Conditions: Attend a one-time Ph.D forum
Duration: 1 year
App Deadline: Nov. 14
Rec Letters: ??3??
Deferrable: No
Good to know: Dissertation Fellowships also available


Sponsor: NVIDIA
Eligibility: Completion of the first year and continuing enrollment in a Ph.D program in one of the following (or a related) areas: Computer Science/Engineeering, System Architecture, EE. Nationality/citizenship is specifically not considered.
Stipend: $25,000 toward tuition and fees, plus an NVIDIA Quadro card
Conditions: None
Duration: 1 year. Winners (and others) are eligible to apply each year
App Deadline: Feb. 22
Rec Letters: 1
Deferrable: No
Good to know: You need to be officially nominated by your school or advisor; the nomination is essentially the required rec. letter.


Sponsor: Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans
Eligibility: New American (green card holder or naturalized citizen if born abroad; child of naturalized citizens if born in this country.  Not yet 31 years old as of application deadline.  College senior or holder of a bachelor's degree.  Not beyond second year in a graduate degree program.
Stipend: $25,000 in maintenance grants and up to $20,000 in tuition support for each year of graduate study
Duration: Up to two years of graduate study--in any field and in any advanced degree-granting program--in the U.S.
App Deadline: Early November
Good to know: Online application requires essays, letters of recommendation, resume, transcripts, test scores


Sponsor: Symantec
Eligibility: Enrollment in Ph.D program of a U.S. institution. Preference given to those with an interest in evenutal employent in an industrial research lab, or those working in areas relevant to Symantec's mission.
Yearly stipend: Tuition & Fees. $20,000 annual stipend (CSE would probably supplement this up to the standard CSE salary.)
Conditions: None, but you are encouraged to do a (paid) summer internship at Symantec labs
Duration: One year with a possible second
App Deadline: Dec. 12
Rec Letters: 3
Deferrable: No
Good to know: The fellowship provides you with a mentor from Symantec labs.

Facebook Fellowship Program

Sponsor: Facebook
Eligibility: Full-time Ph.D. students in topical areas (see fellowship page) represented by these fellowships who are currently involved in on-going research. International students may apply.  Facebook is looking for students on a track to obtain tenure-track positions at top departments.
Award: Tuition & Fees, $30K stipend (9 months), $5K conference attendance & travel, $5K for a personal computer, summer internship opportunity
Conditions: Must be enrolled during the academic year of the award
Duration: Awards are one-time, selected annually for 9 months
App Deadline: Feb. 15
Rec Letters: Minimum of 2 letters of recommendation (one must be from the faculty sponsor)


Sponsor: National Physical Science Consortium
Eligibility: U.S. Citizens, emphasizing recruitment of a diverse applicant pool including women and minorities
Award: Tuition & Fees, summer internship opportunity
Conditions: Must be enrolled during the academic years of the award
Duration: Up to 6 years
App Deadline: Opens Aug. 25
Good to know: You need to be officially nominated by your advisor. Provide name and CV of the faculty sponsor/advisor.


Sponsor: Qualcomm Research Division
Eligibility: Teams of two Ph.D. students pursuing futuristic innovative ideas
Award: $100K ($50K each student) "for their fellowship work and research expenses for the academic year"
Duration: 1 year
App Deadline: Nov. 1 

Fellowships Requiring Faculty Nominations

These fellowships come from a wide variety of sources, and are applicable to students at various stages in their careers: beginning, n-th year, and postdoc. Most of these are open to international students as well. Although you cannot apply to these directly, it can still be helpful to know about them so that you can discuss them with your advisor if you wish. Some of these put candidates through a post-nomination interview process, while others are awarded with no student involvement whatsoever.


Sponsor: ARCS Organization (Achievement Rewards for College Students)
Eligibility: U.S. Citizens in their 1st year of study
Yearly stipend: $7,500 in first year, $5,000 in second year, $5,000 in third year
Conditions: Attend an annual luncheon
Duration: 3 years
Application: None
Good to know: We are lucky to have an extremely active ARCS chapter in Seattle, so UW gets a lot of fellowships from ARC.

Google Ph.D. Fellowship

Sponsor: Google
Eligibility: Ph.D. student in an eligible school (UW is)
Yearly stipend: $32K/9 months
Conditions: not family of Google employee
Duration: 2 years
Application: None

Microsoft Research

Sponsor: Microsoft Research
Eligibility: Students completing their 2nd or 3rd year; students at U.S. or Canadian institutions only
Yearly stipend: $20,000 plus tuition and fees. TabletPC and possible internship at Microsoft Research.
Conditions: None
Duration: 2 years with possible extension of 1 additional year
Application: Thesis proposal, resume, 3 rec letters. Finalists are interviewed in person at Microsoft.
Good to know: A maximum of 3 of these can be awarded to a single school/department in a given year.


Sponsor: IBM
Eligibility: Students worldwide in their 2nd year or higher
Yearly stipend: $17,500 plus tuition and fees (for U.S. and Canada; stipend varies elsewhere)
Conditions: You are also expected (but not *required*) to do an internship at IBM.
Duration: 3 years (renewed each year)
Application: Completed by a faculty member
Good to know: None :)


Sponsor: Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Eligibility: International students (not U.S. citizens, noncitizen nationals, or permanent residents of the U.S.) in the 2nd (or 3rd) year of graduate study.
Yearly stipend: $30,000, plus an educational allowance (tuition and fees), $3,000 fellow's allowance
Duration: 3 years, based on annual assessment
Application: Submitted to the Graduate School who will make the institutional nominations. Two per school/department; 10 for the UW.

VMware (no webpage available)

Sponsor: VMware Academic Program
Eligibility: Currently enrolled, full-time Ph.D. students; nominated by departments invited to participate in the program
Award: Stipend and tuition for 12 months, not to exceed $100K
Duration: 12 months
Application: Faculty nominate, department selects and submits nomination

Allen School Fellowships

There are quite a number of endowed fellowships that come from or through the Allen School. These include several "CSE fellowships" for first-year students. These don't require applications and for the most part are offered to recruit prospective students during graduate admissions.

Travel Grants

The Allen School has a small pot of funds for the year to support student conference presentations. Typical award amounts are up to $500 per individual request. Priority goes to students who have not used any Allen School Travel Grant funds in the current academic year. Additionaly, part of the criteria to be considered for an Allen School Travel Grant is that the student is also seeking out other forms of funding, such as from:

  1. Their research advisor
  2. Conference scholarships (if any are available)
  3. GPSS travel grants
  4. Graduate School GSFEI travel fund ($500 for international travel, $300 for domestic travel)

The Allen School Travel Grant application is available year-round. Use that application to request funds from the Allen School's Travel Grants program and/or from the UW Graduate Schools GSFEI program. Students are required to provide the following information in their request:

  • Conference Name
  • Conference Dates
  • Conference location
  • Title of poster/paper
  • Proof of participation (i.e. pdf email invitation, screenshot of agenda)
  • Other anticipated sources of funding
  • Conference registration fee
  • Approximate Flight/transportation cost
  • Hotel cost (shared preferred)

It is important to note that the Allen School Travel Grants cannot cover meals.