Travel Grants

The Allen School has a small pot of funds for the year to support student conference presentations. Typical award amounts are up to $500 per individual request. Priority goes to students who have not used any Allen School Travel Grant funds in the current academic year. Students must be presenting work to receive a grant. Additionaly, part of the criteria to be considered for an Allen School Travel Grant is that the student is also seeking out other forms of funding, such as from:

  1. Their research advisor
  2. Conference scholarships (if any are available)
  3. GPSS travel grants
  4. Graduate Student Conference Presentation Award (Graduate School) ($500 for international travel, $300 for domestic travel)

The Allen School Travel Grant application is available year-round. Use that application to request funds from the Allen School's Travel Grants program and/or from the UW Graduate Schools GSFEI program. Students are required to provide the following information in their request:

  • Conference Name
  • Conference Dates
  • Conference location
  • Title of poster/paper
  • Proof of participation (i.e. pdf email invitation, screenshot of agenda)
  • Other anticipated sources of funding
  • Conference registration fee
  • Approximate Flight/transportation cost
  • Hotel cost (shared preferred)

It is important to note that the Allen School Travel Grants cannot cover meals. 

DEIA in Tech Travel Grants

The Allen School is excited to provide funding for specifically “DEIA tech related conferences” (e.g., Afrotech, ACCESS). Funding is awarded on a first come, first serve basis. This award is not for the presentation of research; however, this award is intended to offer students the opportunity to work with, engage, and professionally network with different communities of people.

Awards will be assessed for the relevance of the conference and the professional networking opportunities to the student offered this type of award. Students are strongly encouraged to also apply for funding and scholarships directly from the targeted conference. Please fill out the Allen School Travel Grant application and mark "DEIA in Tech Travel Grants" when asked and then complete the remainder of the application. It is important to note that the Allen School DEIA in Tech Travel Grants cannot cover meals.

GPSS Travel Grant Application Information

As part of filling out a GPSS Travel Grant, they request some information:

  • Department contact name: Jen Worrell
  • Department contact email: jmw456@cs
  • Mailbox number: 352350
  • Worktag: Company: UW1861
  • Worktag: Cost Center: CC103195
  • Worktag: Program: n/a
  • Worktag: Grant: GR001253
  • Worktag: Gift: n/a
  • Worktag: Activity: n/a