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The next PMP application deadline is November 1, 2020 for winter quarter 2021.

Apply Online

Filling out and submitting the Professional Master’s Program application is easy to do. All PMP application materials are online and embedded in the Graduate Studies online application; no hard copy material will be accepted before the deadline (although hard copy transcripts must be forwarded to the graduate school after acceptance).


Required Materials

The following information will be required to complete your application to the Professional Master's Program:

  • Academic Background. Identify all colleges and universities from which you have received a degree and any others you have attended. Specific information includes dates of attendance (month and year), degree name, degree date, major field, major GPA, and overall GPA. Input GPA information to the best of your ability; this information will be checked against submitted transcripts; omitting GPA information is acceptable if no accurate conversion is available. You will also be asked for additional Computer Science and Engineering course detail via the Academic Background Information Form; restrict your input to relevant academic experience.
  • Resume. A synopsis of your professional responsibilities and accomplishments. You can upload a PDF, Word, or plain text file to the online application. No hardcopy information will be accepted.
  • Personal Statement. An approximately one-page online statement that we use to match your background, skills, current situation and ambitions to our profile of PMP students. Summarize your reasons for wanting to enter the Professional Master’s Program, computer science skills and your fit with PMP goals, and your academic and professional qualifications.
  • Letters of Recommendation. Enter the names and contact information (e.g., affiliation, email, phone) for your references to activate a request for letters of recommendation. Two or three letters from current or former supervisors, leads or project managers who are familiar with the specifics of your work projects and strengths are recommended.
  • GRE Scores.  In response to current restrictions created by the COVID-19 health crisis, the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering Professional Mastser's Program will temporarily waive the Graduate Records Examination (GRE) requirement for admissions during the 2020-21 academic year.  If you opt to submit a GRE score you should request that ETS send your general GRE test scores to the University of Washington, institution code 4854. Scores will be delivered electronically to your online application. 
  • TOEFL Scores. These scores are required for international applicants.  Applicants who have completed a previous degree in which all courses were instructed in English are exempted. Please request that ETS send scores to the University of Washington, institution code 4854. Scores must be no more than 2 years old and must be valid on the date the application is submitted. Click here for specific information about UW Graduate School language requirements, acceptable scores, and exceptions.
  • Transcripts. Transcripts are needed from all colleges and universities you have attended. Hardcopy transcripts are not needed by the application deadline; instead, unofficial transcripts should be uploaded into the online application when prompted. You will be asked to submit an official hard copy of your transcript to the Office of Graduate Admissions only if you are offered admission. Therefore, do not send hard copy transcript materials until you are asked to do so. Note that accepted applicants with degrees from foreign universities may be allowed to deliver an unofficial transcript in person to the Office of Graduate Admissions, from which a notarized copy will be made.
  • Application Fee. A $85 application fee is required for your application to be processed by the UW Graduate School Admissions Office. You must pay online to be able to declare your application complete.

If you have questions after reading these instructions, please contact the PMP Advisor, Kate Gayle, by email at masters@cs.washington.edu.