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The next PMP application deadline is November 1, 2021 for winter quarter 2022.  All application materials must be received by the deadline.

Other Technical Programs at UW

UW offers master’s degree programs covering a diverse set of topics and offering a wide variety of educational experiences. Prospective UW graduate students are encouraged to evaluate a large set of programs alongside the PMP and see how the PMP compares.

When reviewing graduate programs and deciding where to apply, students are encouraged to consider which programs are the best fits with their qualifications and educational and career goals. Some important factors in this evaluation include:

  • Academic prerequisites
  • Requirements for breadth and depth of technical proficiency
  • Eligibility for F-1 or J-1 students
  • Requirements for GRE, TOEFL, or other exams
  • Flexible curriculum vs. narrower focus or specialization
  • Opportunities for master's thesis or other research; potential to continue to Ph.D.
  • Program costs and availability of funding
  • Compatibility with full-time employment

Prospective students may use the UW Graduate School's Find a Program tool to browse the various graduate degrees offered at UW, in addition to reviewing the below table of programs that may be the most relevant to those reviewing the PMP.

Program Description Full- or part-time Supports F-1 visas?
MS in Computer Science (PMP) The PMP is a part-time, evening degree program for professional software developers who seek to advance into the next stages of their careers. The all-coursework curriculum offers a broad-spectrum, industry-focused plan of study covering a multitude of practical engineering and development insights and tools. The PMP is a terminal master's degree and is the only standalone MS program offered by the Allen School of CSE at UW Seattle. Part-time, work-compatible No
MS in Data Science The MSDS prepares students for successful careers in data science, including practical applications of statistical modeling, data management, machine learning, data visualization, software engineering, research design, data ethics, and user experience. Full- or part-time Yes
MS in Electrical Engineering (PMP) The professional master's program in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering focuses on cutting-edge technical topics and prepares students with in-demand technical skills and expertise to drive innovation. The program's industry-focused orientation benefits not only electrical engineers but also those seeking to add technical depth to their career path such as patent attorneys, computational finance professionals, or supervisors of technical projects or employees. Full- or part-time Yes
MS in Information Systems The MSIS offered by the Foster School of Business prepares students to solve complex, unstructured business problems while learning executive management principles in strategy, operations, and project management. Full-time, work-compatible Yes
MS in Information Management The MSIM offered by the Information School prepares students to lead information projects to transform organizations. Students may specialize in a variety of fields including business intelligence, data science, and user experience. On-campus or online. Full- or part-time Yes
MS in Tech Innovation The MSTI is a UW degree offered through the Global Innovation Exchange. Its curriculum focuses on IoT devices or robotics with a software/hardware lab and business and design classes. Full-time Yes
Technology Management MBA The TMMBA offered by the Foster School of Business is for tech professionals who show a strong aptitude for technology and leadership. Its curriculum is designed to build a strong analytical foundation that supports leadership, strategy, and entrepreneurial frameworks. Full-time, work compatible No
UW Bothell School of STEM UW Bothell offers an array of graduate degree programs and certificates in topics such as computer science and software engineering, software design and development, and cybersecurity engineering. Programs are often work-compatible and do not require the same degree of professional experience as the PMP. Full- or part-time Yes
UW Tacoma School of Engineering and Technology UW Tacoma offers an array of graduate degree programs and certificates in topics such as computer science and systems, cybersecurity and leadership, and software development engineering. Programs are often work-compatible and do not require the same degree of professional experience as the PMP. Check individual program details Check individual program details