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The next PMP application deadline is November 1, 2020 for winter quarter 2021.

Work Experience

The professional experience of our PMP students ranges from two to over 20 years in the field, with an average of around five years. Generally, you need at least two years of post-degree professional experience to be considered for admission.

Bachelor’s Degree and GPA

Successful applicants to the PMP typically have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, or a closely related field. (Only those with undergraduate or graduate science and engineering degrees are considered for acceptance.)  The average undergraduate GPA of accepted PMP applicants is 3.5, and a minimum of 3.0 is gererally required to be competitive for acceptance.

GRE Scores

The UW Graduate School requires the general GRE for admission. The only exception to this requirement is for candidates who have a Ph.D. from a U.S. institution. Average GRE scores for applicants accepted into the PMP are: Quantitative 83% (strong applicants who score above 65% can still be considered  and occasionally those who score below 65% in the Quantitative test are accepted.); Analytical 4.5 (this is a distant second in importance to the Quantitative test so lower scores can still be considered), and Verbal 60% (those with English as a first language should target over 50%, those with English as a second language should target over 25%). There is no minimum GRE score. If your GRE scores are lower than average (especially Analytical and Verbal scores), you will still be considered especially if you have above-average academic or professional credentials. Note that the GRE computer science subject exam is no longer offered.

Computing Background

The PMP expects you to have significant personal experience with advanced computing technology. You should have completed at least the following undergraduate courses: data structures, algorithms, computer systems, and programming languages or have obtained experience in these areas professionally. Additionally, to be competitive, you should have substantial hands-on professional programming experience.

International Students

The graduate school requires international applicants, immigrants to the U.S., and permanent residents of the U.S. whose native language is not English and who have not received a bachelor’s, masters or doctoral degree from a university in which all instruction is in English to submit a valid TOEFL (or equivalent) scores. Only official TOEFL (or equivalent) scores less than two years old will be accepted. For further information, please refer to the Graduate School English Language Proficiency Requirements or to www.toefl.org to register for the test.