PMP course textbook information can be obtained prior to each quarter start by visiting the Allen School's Time Schedules and following the links to your individual course. Click on the SLN of your course to display the Course Selection Status page. From there, click on the “Display Textbook” link to see the textbook if one has been designated by the instructor. Textbook information can also be found on the course web pages linked from the PMP Current Courses page. While course web pages typically are not posted until a day or so prior to the course start, they are important to check since some PMP instructors assign readings prior to the first class meeting. The University Bookstore might also have course textbook information on hand.

Online Courses

Students may view PMP courses and materials remotely through our website. Visit our online courses page for a complete list of available course videos and links to other content that may be of interest.

Student ID Cards

You do not necessarily need to obtain student ID cards (Husky cards) during your time in the program, but many students find them useful. Husky cards provide an efficient way to purchase items at campus stores, get discounts at some local businesses, purchase UW athletic event tickets, and check out library materials in person on campus. Husky cards are also necessary for students who need access to CSE computer labs or the CSE building after hours and on weekends; however, few PMP students need this kind of access while in the program. For additional information or to obtain a Husky card, visit Husky Card Services online.

Parking & Transportation

Visit UW Transportation Services for information on campus car and bicycle parking and other transit options.

CSE Passwords

Visit the Allen School Computing Science Lab's accounts page for instructions on managing your CSE account or to re-set your password.

On-Leave Policy

You have two options for going on leave during the quarter.

The first option is official leave. You need to pay $25 for this option. You can go on leave for one quarter at a time; however, you can string together requests for as many quarters as necessary. The specific steps for this option are as follows:

1. Submit the on-leave request via the link on this page: Graduate On-Leave Status (be sure to review the policy information carefully as well). Note that the on-leave request site opens up only two weeks before the beginning of the quarter.

2. The PMP program (Kate Gayle, after sign-off by our PMP Faculty Coordinator) approves the request online.

3. You are notified by email to submit an online credit card payment for the quarterly $25 nonrefundable fee (only MasterCard or Visa may be used, and there is no service charge for credit card use). On-Leave status is not finalized until payment has been submitted and must be completed by the last day of instruction for the quarter of leave requested. However, our CSE internal deadline for this step is the Friday following the first week of classes.

The second leave option is for you to enroll in either one (required minimum) or two colloquia only during the quarter. Students choosing this option should register for either (or both) CSE 519 and 520 in the same quarter.

The most important thing to know is that you MUST either go officially on leave (and pay the $25) OR enroll in at least one credit in order to keep your status with the program. If you do not complete one of the two options, you will have to reapply to the program and be reaccepted to take your final courses and earn your degree.

Please let Kate know if you are considering going on leave for the quarter.

Applying to Graduate

Always inform Kate that you will be graduating around the first week of registration in your final quarter so she can ensure that CSE records of courses completed toward your degree match your own. 

To earn your degree, you MUST complete the online Master’s Degree Request.  This request form opens up on the first day of the quarter and must be filed during the quarter in which you graduate; please complete the request early so you do not forget to do so.  Then, all you must do to graduate is complete your final courses.  Late in the quarter, Kate will check to make sure that everything is on track and approve your request on behalf of the program. 

Please note that when you fill out the request form, it may return a message that says you have not completed all of your requirements. Usually, this is because the students making the request finish their final requirements in their final quarter (makes sense, right?), so simply ignore the confusing and unnecessary automatic message.

The Allen School holds a graduation celebration each June to acknowledge our graduating students. Many PMP students enjoy participating in this event while their families cheer them on. Regalia (cap and gown) is recommended but not required. Information will be shared with eligible students each spring in advance of the event.