Spring quarter announcements

  • Graduating students should file their master's degree requests by April 12 to have their names appear in the printed Commencement program. You can still file a request for spring graduation after April 12, but you name won't be included in the program in this case.
  • New or continuing PMP students who still need to obtain student IDs (Husky Cards) should obtain their cards as soon as possible. Visit the Husky Card Office website to learn about opportunities for obtaining your Husky Card in-person or via mail.

Spring quarter building hours

The CSE buildings are unlocked during the hours described below. Outside of these hours, Husky Card is required for access!

Allen (CSE) Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm
Gates (CSE2) Monday-Friday, 8am-7pm

Course websites quick access

  • CSE P 504 (Testing & Debugging)
  • CSE P 510 (Human-Computer Interaction) - Course website in Canvas
  • CSE P 546 (Machine Learning) - Course website in Canvas

PMP dates and events

The PMP Dates and Events Calendar, below, is updated with specific dates for the upcoming quarter and all PMP students are invited to subscribe.

Can't see the calendar? That may because you are not logged into your CSE account on your browser. Follow this link to the Google login portal and log in using your CSE credentials, then refresh this page.

Quarterly day Winter quarter date Deadline or quarterly milestone
Two weeks before the quarter Monday, March 11 On-leave request available for upcoming quarter
First day Monday, March 25 Classes begin
Late registration fee for first-time registration
Master's degree request opens
Seventh calendar day Sunday, March 25 Last day to make schedule changes without being assessed a change fee and possible fee forfeiture charges (charges begin on eighth calendar day)
Eighth calendar day Monday, April 1 Schedule change fees and forfeiture charges are in effect; all schedule changes carry a fee.
Third Friday Friday, April 12 Payment deadline for all quarterly fees and charges
Last day of the quarter (Friday of finals week) Friday, June 7 5:00pm Seattle time: Deadline for on-leave students to pay on-leave fee and finalize on-leave status for the quarter
11:59pm Seattle time: Deadline for graduating students to file their master's degree request
11:59pm Seattle time: Deadline to change to or from S/NS grading
Sunday of finals week / the last week of the quarter Sunday, June 9 11:59pm Seattle time: Colloquium viewings and reports due in PMP colloquium reporting tool