Course modality

Instructors have increased flexibility to choose their course's modality through January 28, per UW's announcement on January 7.

Students should monitor their course websites, discussion boards, and emails for information from their instructors on their course's mode of instruction and how to access lectures and other contents. More information about winter quarter and COVID-19 safety is available on UW's Novel Coronavirus and COVID-19: facts and resources page.

Winter quarter announcements

  • Winter 2022 was designated as an extraordinary circumstances quarter (ECQ) on January 14.
    • This enables students to switch their grading modality on winter 2022 courses to or from satisfactory/non-satisfactory (S/NS) grading after the quarter ends though the ECQ late change in grading option. Additionally, satisfactory (S) grades earned in winter 2022 coursework will count toward degree requirements.
    • Students should consult with the PMP academic advisor prior to changing their grading mode and with any questions about S/NS grading.
    • Autumn 2021 remains not designated as an extraordinary circumstances quarter. The late change in grading option is not available on autumn 2021 courses and S grades in autumn 2021 courses do not count toward degree requirements.
  • UW's face coverings policy remains in effect. Face coverings are required indoors in public and common areas and when others are present, regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status.
  • Eating and drinking in CSE buildings is permitted only in the Allen atrium, the Allen 6th floor terrace, and outside.
    • In CSE classrooms, you may drink intermittently but please keep your mask on if possible. Readjust or replace your mask immediately after taking a sip of your beverage.
  • Students who still need to obtain student IDs (Husky Cards) should obtain their cards as soon as possible. Visit the Husky Card Office website to learn about opportunities for obtaining your Husky Card in-person or via mail.

Winter quarter building hours

The CSE buildings are unlocked during the hours described below. Outside of these hours, Husky Card is required for access!

Allen (CSE) Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm
Gates (CSE2) Monday-Friday, 8am-7pm

Course websites quick access

PMP dates and events

Reference the table below for repeating quarterly milestones that are relevant to PMP students. The PMP Dates and Events Calendar, below, is updated with specific dates for the upcoming quarter and all PMP students are invited to subscribe.

Quarterly date Deadline or quarterly milestone
Two weeks before the quarter On-leave request available for upcoming quarter
First day Classes begin
Late registration fee for first-time registration
Seventh calendar day Last day to make schedule changes without being assessed a change fee and possible fee forfeiture charges (charges begin on eighth calendar day)
Third Friday Payment deadline for all quarterly fees and charges
Sunday of last week of classes Colloquium reports due by 11:59pm Seattle time
Last day of the quarter (Friday of finals week) 5:00pm Seattle time: Deadline for on-leave students to pay on-leave fee and finalize on-leave status for the quarter
11:59pm Seattle time: Deadline for graduating students to file their master's degree request
11:59pm Seattle time: Deadline to change to or from S/NS grading