Autumn quarter building hours

The CSE buildings are unlocked during the hours described below. Outside of these hours, Husky Card is required for access!

Allen (CSE) Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm
Gates (CSE2) Monday-Friday, 8am-7pm

Autumn quarter dates and deadlines

Wednesday, September 15 On-leave request opens for autumn 2021
Wednesday, September 29 Quarter begins
Master's degree request opens
Tuesday, October 5 7th calendar day
Last day to make schedule changes without a fee
Wednesday, October 6 8th calendar day
Late schedule change fees and forfeiture charges begin
Friday, October 15 Tuition and fees payment deadline
Winter time schedule available
Friday, November 5 Winter registration opens for continuing students
Tuesday, November 6 End of 7th calendar week
Deadline to switch to Satisfactory/Non-Satisfactory (S/NS) grading
PMP students are strongly encouraged to talk to Kate before switching!
Monday, November 22 Winter registration opens for new students
Friday, December 10 Last day of class
Sunday, December 12 11:59pm Seattle time: Colloquia reports due in the PMP colloquium repoting tool
Friday, December 17 Last day of the quarter
5:00pm Seattle time: Deadline to pay on-leave fee for autumn 2021 and finalize on-leave status for the quarter
11:59pm Seattle time: Deadline to file Master's degree request for autumn 2021

Autumn quarter announcements

  • Autumn 2021 is not designated as an extraordinary circumstances quarter! As a result, two policies regarding S/NS grading will revert back to their pre-spring 2020 forms:
    • S (satisfactory) grades in autumn courses do not count toward degree requirements.
    • The ECQ late change in grading option (changing to or from S/NS grading after the quarter ends) is not available for autumn courses.

    What this means for autumn 2021 courses is, changing to or from S/NS grading is available only until the end of week 7 (November 16) and an S grade does not count the credits from the course toward students' degrees.

  • Face coverings are required indoors in public and common areas and when others are present, regardless of COVID-19 vaccination status.
  • Eating and drinking is permitted only in the Allen atrium, the Allen 6th floor terrace, and outside.
    • In classrooms, you may drink intermittently but please keep your mask on if possible. Readjust or replace your mask immediately after taking a sip.

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