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Registration Overview

Registration for the upcoming quarter begins on specifics days according to the UW academic calendar (these days are announced to PMP students in advance). Registration for winter and spring quarters will follow the UW academic calendar, however PMP students' autumn quarter registration takes place on a slightly different schedule due to delays associated with the creation of the autumn time schedule. The PMP program manager will notify students when their autumn registration will be available; typically, it autumn registration opens in early summer.

Registration and payment of charges and fees are self-service through the MyUW portal.

Preparing for Registration

Review course options and locate SLN codes

The slate of PMP courses and colloquia for the upcoming quarter is viewable anytime on the current courses page. Once the quarterly time schedule is created, course details and schedule information will also appear in both the time schedule and in MyPlan.

A unique 5-digit SLN code corresponds to each course and colloquium section and is input into the registration portal to enroll students in the section. On the time schedule, the SLN code appears in the left-hand column. In MyPlan, the SLN code appears on the course section listing.

Where to locate SLN codes:

  • MyPlan: Use the 'Find Courses' tool to search for 'CSE P', ensuring that the box is checked for 'Find PCE sections only'. Reference SLN codes listed on the Professional & Continuing Education (PCE) tab, not the Seattle tab.
  • In the time schedule: ctrl-f for 'College of Engineering' and then look for PMP courses under 'CSE P' and colloquia listed under 'CSE'

Complete pre-registration steps

All students must complete some quarterly housekeeping steps of confirming their addresses and opting in or out of student insurance and other optional charges. These steps may be completed a few days before registration opens, or anytime after. Once the registration period has opened, the registration portal will appear after the student completes the following:

  1. Navigate to MyUW.
  2. In the Registration or Quick Links section, click "Register using SLN codes".
  3. Select Insurance/Optional Charges at the top of the page.
  4. Confirm their address and opt in or out of student insurance and other charges for the upcoming quarter.
  5. Proceed to registration.

On Registration Day

How to register

A helpful step-by-step guide to the registration process, including visuals, is available: How to Register.

How to register in the MyUW portal:

  1. Log into MyUW and click ‘Register using SLN codes’ in the Registration or Quick Links sections.
  2. In the MyUW registration portal, verify that the registration quarter indicated at the top of the page matches the upcoming quarter.
  3. After completing the pre-registration steps, a grid appears. Enter the 5-digit SLN code(s) for the intended course and/or colloquia. The boxes in the other columns can be left blank.
  4. Click Update Schedule.
  5. A green check mark indicates registration went through successfully. The schedule will appear on the student's MyUW homepage.

Registration troubleshooting

The registration portal will display an error message if registration is not successful. Some common error messages and their solutions are:

Error message Explanation Solution
"This section is closed, and no alternate sections are open." The intended section is full. Register for a different course for now and wait for a seat to open up in your first choice.
(when registering for a CSE P course)
"Restricted section. You do not meet the course entry requirements for this section."
PMP courses consist of two jointly-listed sections, one for the PMP and one for fifth-year MS students (a very small number of whom take PMP courses). If a PMP student receives this error message when attempting to register for a CSE P course, then the likely cause is having mistakenly entered the SLN for the 5th-year MS section rather than the code for the PMP section. Obtain the SLN code for the PMP section. Locate it on the current quarter's time schedule or in MyPlan from the Professional & Continuing Education Tab, not the Seattle tab.
(when registering for a non-CSE P course)
"Restricted section. You do not meet the course entry requirements for this section."
The section is restricted in some way; most likely, to students enrolled in the program offering the course. Contact an academic advisor for the program offering the course to ask for enrollment support.

You can also look for your registration error message and its troubleshooting steps on this super-helpful page: Registration Errors

Still stuck? Feel free to email the PMP program manager for registration support; we will get you sorted as quickly as possible!

Payment and Financials

For an overview of PMP students' rates for course credits and other fees, please visit PMP Costs and Fees.

Review or subscribe to the PMP Dates and Events calendar for quarter-specific dates and deadlines relating to registration, charges, and payment.

When and How to Pay

Payment of all fees is due on the third Friday of the quarter.

Payment is most easily made online through the MyUW portal. Students will see two accounts: their UW tuition account (where the U-Pass is charged) and their Professional & Continuing Education (PCE) account, where their course credits and majority of quarterly fees are charged. Both accounts must be paid by the third Friday of the quarter.

Students paying through a third party (GI Bill benefits, employer, etc.) should contact PCE Registration Services well in advance to ensure their details are on file and payment can be remitted and applied to the student's account.

Schedule change fees

Schedule changes made after the start of the quarter may result in additional fees, depending on the type and timing of the change. The UW academic calendar provides a complete listing of charges and the quarterly dates they go into effect, the most relevant of which are replicated on the table below.

The best way for students to avoid late schedule change fees and costly forfeiture charges is to finalize their schedules during the first week of the quarter, before the 8th calendar day!

Fee Description Cost
Late registration fee First-time registration between 1st and 14th calendar day of the quarter. $25
First-time registration on 15th calendar day or later. $75
Late schedule change fee Schedule changes made starting 8th calendar day. $20
Forfeiture charges (important!) Schedule changes made starting 8th calendar day that result in a net loss of credits.
Example: a student enrolls in two courses and drops one on or after the 8th calendar day.
Days 8-30 of the quarter: 50% of the cost of the dropped credit(s)
Day 31-onward: 100% of the cost of the dropped credit(s)