Award Recipient Award Term Project title
Tianxing He Autumn 2023 Comparing Robustness of Machine-Generated Text Detectors Under Attacks
Andrew McNutt Autumn 2023 Example Data for Good
Bret Nestor Autumn 2023 Unsupervised Translation
Tyler Westenbroek Autumn 2023 Making the Deployment of Highly Dynamic Legged Robots Efficient, Reliable, and Accessible with Differentiable Reinforcement Learning
Qinqqing Cao Spring 2023 Optimizing Large Language Models for Low Latency and Energy-Efficient Inference on Personal Devices
Qinqqing Cao Autumn 2022 Accurate Energy Estimation of DNNs on Mobile Devices
Maitraye Das Autumn 2022 Designing Accessible Technologies for Collaborative Ideation in Ability-Diverse Teams
Nanna Inie Stroemberg-Derczynski Autumn 2022 Human.code: A customizable tool for learning to program
Momona Yamagami Autumn 2022 Investigating EMG as Alternative Input
Karthik Desingh Autumn 2021 Spatial and Geometrical Reasoning of Objects for Robot Task Planning
Nigini Oliveira Autumn 2021 Decolonizing Question & Answer Sites: The case of Stack Overflow design
PatrÍcia Alves-Oliveira Autumn 2020 Robot-Mediated Interventions for Wellness
Rik Koncel-Kedziorski Autumn 2019
Laura Arjona Aguilera Spring 2019
Jose Medeiros de Campos Spring 2019
Thierry Moreau Spring 2019
Lalit Jain
Ramya Korlakai Vinayak
Spring 2019
Dustin Richmond Spring 2019
Earlance Fernandes Autumn 2018
Ramya Korlakai Vinayak Autumn 2018
Shrirang Mare Autumn 2018
Nigini Oliveira Spring 2018
Spencer Sevilla Autumn 2017
Tapomayukh Bhattacharjee
Daqing Yi
Autumn 2017
Roy Schwartz
Chenhao Tan
Omer Levy
Summer 2017
Babak Salimi Autumn 2016
Grigory Fedyukovich Autumn 2016
Yangfeng Ji Autumn 2016
Chenhao Tan Autumn 2016
Yu Xiang Autumn 2016
Armin Alaghi Spring 2016
Grigory Fedyukovich Spring 2016
Michael Fire Autumn 2015
Pedro Fonseca Autumn 2015
René Just Summer 2015
Sameer Singh Summer 2015
Andrzej Pronobis Autumn 2014
Simon Peter Autumn 2014
René Just Autumn 2014
Aruna Balasubramanian Autumn 2014
Ronen Eldan Autumn 2014
Sameer Singh Autumn 2014