An important part of being a postdoc is making connections with other researchers, connections that will help bring postdocs into the broader community and enable them to achieve the next steps in their careers.

To this end, as part of the Postdoc Best Practices effort, we are sponsoring attendance of Allen School postdocs at one conference per fiscal year (July-June). The goal is to help our postdocs network with researchers outside the University of Washington and their prior institutions.

Naturally if the postdoc has a paper at a conference we would anticipate their adviser would cover the expense.  But, beyond this, we can help out to ensure our postdocs are able to have ample opportunity to make connections in the community.

We simply ask that Allen School postdocs send us one or two paragraphs describing what conference they would like to attend and how it will help their career including creating opportunities for meeting other researchers. They should also let us know what other conferences they are already planning to attend.  If successful in obtaining a travel award, after the conference we ask for a brief trip report to tell us how it went.

Postdoc travel award requests should be emailed to Kate Gayle. The requests should include estimated cost breakdowns in the categories of Transportation, Hotel Conference Registration, and Other.

All Allen School postdocs are encouraged to make the most out of this resource. While most have attended conferences in the past, we still strongly recommend reviewing the following documents. They contain advice on how to network at conferences, including some of the basics (e.g., asking questions during talks, attending poster sessions, and attending banquets) as well as offering detailed advice that even experienced researchers will find useful.

Attending an Academic Conference (Allen School professor Michael Ernst)

How to Attend an Academic Conference (Allen School Ph.D. alumna Tessa Lau)