Students in the Allen School's augmented and virtual reality capstone courseThe Allen School offers outstanding students, exciting classes, and world-class faculty in a vibrant and welcoming community committed to excellence and diversity. Our faculty are internationally renowned researchers and they are committed to teaching and mentoring undergraduate students throughout their college experience. Our students also benefit from many collaborations across campus and with industry. We offer a rigorous and engaging curriculum that prepares our students for successful careers in industry, academia, and public service, delivered in a welcoming and inclusive environment. The Allen School has been nationally recognized for our commitment to increasing diversity in computing.

Information on expanded Direct to Major admission in Computer Science

Why CSE?

The Allen School is where future leaders learn to design technology that solves problems and improves lives. The Allen School is recognized as one of the top computing programs in the world: we have passionate faculty, exciting research, great job prospects for our students, and a supportive community. Computers are the most flexible and powerful machines ever created. And while the field of computing constantly grows and changes, the core magic of CSE remains timeless: computer scientists and engineers educated at the Allen School build solutions that change the world.

Program Overview

The Allen School offers two undergraduate majors: the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, awarded through the College of Arts and Sciences, and the Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, awarded through the College of Engineering.  The Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering is accredited by the EAC Accreditation Commission of ABET ( In both degrees, students can work with faculty and graduate students on research; collaborate with industry partners; tackle complex design and implementation projects in capstone courses; and tailor their degree to meet their interests and goals.


Like many UW programs, we are a "capacity-constrained" program. This means we have limited space and a high number of interested students, so admission to the major is selective. Most of our majors are admitted through our Direct to Major Freshman Admission process. We also offer Transfer admission, Current UW Student Admission (highly selective) and Non-Traditional admission for students who discover CSE late in their college careers. Visit our Admissions section for more detailed info on our admissions processes.


Our undergraduate advisers guide prospective and current students through the application and registration process, connect students with resources and opportuinities and solve problems as they arise at the university.

Courses & Registration

A degree in computer science or computer engineering can lead to many opportunities. Our flexible degree requirements and variety of courses enable students to design a degree that reflects their interests while gaining a solid foundation of technical skills.

Policies & Procedures

Read important information about expectations and obligations for undergraduates, including academic progress, how to apply for school honors, academic misconduct, protecting privacy, and applying to graduate.

Undergraduate Enrichment

The Allen School offers many opportunities for students to enhance their UW experience: collaborate on innovative projects in capstone courses; share knowledge as Teaching Assistants; engage in research; study abroad, and explore career and internship options.

Student Resources

Learn more about the resources and programs to help students succeed in college, including tech resources, scholarships, and career advice.