For current UW students applying to Computer Science or Computer Engineering, applications are submitted through the College of Engineering’s online application

The application procedure varies depending upon your current student status. Please review our information for your specific situation:  

Nearly all current UW students apply through Regular Admission, after completing all CSE prerequisites. A small number of UW students may instead qualify for Non-Traditional Admission (those who discover CSE late, and apply with partial CSE prerequisites complete). For Regular Admission and Non-Traditional Admission, the application process opens twice per year:

  • The application for autumn quarter opens in mid-June and has a deadline of July 1st.
  • The application for spring quarter opens in mid-January and has a deadline of February 1st.

High School Direct Admission is a pathway for entry into CSE directly after high school. Please see the linked page for more details.

We also feature specific advice targeted to certain groups of students, such as those who have already earned a bachelor's degree (postbac) and international students. See the linked pages for information relevant to postbac students seeking a second undergraduate degree, and international students, defined as individuals requiring an F-1 student visa or possessing another type of temporary, non-immigrant visa.