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Dates are posted online.

For current UW students, the admission deadline is February 1st for Spring admission and July 1st for Fall admission.

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This information is intended for students who already hold a bachelor's degree (in any subject, from any school) and are interested in studying undergraduate-level material in computing from UW's Computer Science and Engineering department.

  • If you want to take UW courses but do not want to complete a degree, you may enroll through UW Extension's Non-Degree Enrollment program.
  • If you want to enroll as a post-bac to take courses in preparation for grad school, but you will not apply to a CSE major, you should contact a UW Admissions Counselor.

Due to extremely high demand for our program from first-time bachelor's students, UW CSE is not currently accepting applications from students looking for a second bachelor's degree (i.e., post-baccalaureate applications for a bachelor's degree).

Although we are considering the possibility of a new program specifically for post-baccalaureate students in the distant future that  would likely provide in-depth study but less than a full bachelor's degree.  This program is very far out into the future at this point in time so we encourage students to look at some of the options listed below.

For now, we recommend that prospective students who already hold bachelor's degrees consider alternative options*, for example:

*While we suggest considering these options, the CSE department does not endorse any specific program or college.