Thank you for your interest in the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering! This page is for prospective transfer students who are interested in majoring in Computer Science or Computer Engineering at UW Seattle.

Information Sessions

The Allen School offers an information session for prospective transfers on the second Thursday of every month. Information sessions are held from 3:30PM - 4:30PM in CSE 305. No RSVP needed

Competitive Applicants

Admission to the Allen School is competitive. Transfer students who are admitted to the Allen School typically will have earned nearly perfect grades in their prerequisites courses, have strong grades overall in their most recent 40 transferable quarter credits, and have written strong personal statements that demonstrate their interest in CSE and help us understand the skills and perspectives they would bring to our program. Priority is given to students who are coming directly from a Washington State community or technical college with about two years of coursework (90 quarter credits) and who plan to finish their prerequisites by the time they enter UW (if admitted).

The Application Process

 Transfer students are considered for Computer Science or Computer Engineering if they:

  • Apply to UW through the Office of Admissions for Fall or Spring* quarter. Transfer application deadlines are 5 to 7 months before the quarter of admission, so make sure to read the UW admissions information carefully. *International students can apply for Fall quarter admission only.
  • List Computer Science or Computer Engineering as their first choice major on their UW transfer application.
  • Plan to have all of their prerequisites done by the time they enter UW (if admitted)*.
  • NEW! Starting for the Fall 2020 application, submit a second application to the Allen School using the College of Engineering online application.

Computer Science Prerequisites

Computer Engineering Prerequisites

*Successful transfer students typically have the equivalent of CSE 142 & CSE 143 done and graded by the time they apply.

Determining Course Equivalencies

If you are attending a Washington State community or technical college, you can also use our online Equivalency Guide to determine the transferability of your coursework. If your coursework is from another college or university, you can use our online UW course catalog to determine which courses at your institution are most closely related to our prerequisites at UW. It is important to note, though, that the UW is unable to make evaluations for transfer credit until after an applicant has been admitted.

What if I Am Not Admitted to the Allen School?

Transfer students who are admitted to UW as pre-majors or to another major will need to apply to our program as a current UW student. These students are not guaranteed a spot in our program and admission is competitive. Additionally, coming to UW as a pre-major transfer student often extends the amount of time until a student can graduate. For this reason, we highly recommend that students who are not admitted directly to our program plan for another major or consider similar programs at other institutions.

Related Majors

Some students intending to study Computer Science or Computer Engineering may not ultimately gain admission to the Allen School, while others may discover another major that is a better for their strategies and goals. Students in other majors enjoy access to our non-majors courses, can serve as Allen School teaching assistants, and can participate in Allen School research.

Below is a sampling of other majors on the UW Seattle campus you may want to explore, based on your interest in our program. Please note that most of these majors are also competitive so it is important to reach out to them and discuss their application procedures.

Other Programs in Washington State

There are similar programs in the area which take transfer students, and we highly recommend that you apply to multiple programs if you're sure you want to study Computer Science or Computer Engineering. You should consider:


Please e-mail the Allen School advisers at We are happy to answer your questions!