Thank you for your interest in the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering! This page is for prospective transfer students who are interested in majoring in Computer Science or Computer Engineering at UW Seattle.

Competitive Applicants

Admission to the Allen School is competitive. Transfer students who are admitted to the Allen School typically will have earned nearly perfect grades in their prerequisites courses, have strong grades overall in their most recent 40 transferable quarter credits, and have written strong personal statements for the departmental application that demonstrate their interest in CSE and help us understand the skills and perspectives they would bring to our program. Priority is given to students who are coming directly from a Washington State community or technical college with about two years of coursework (90 quarter credits) and who plan to finish their prerequisites by the time they enter UW (if admitted).

Information Sessions

The Allen School offers an information session for prospective transfers on the second Thursday of every month. Information sessions are held from 3:30PM - 4:30PM PT, until further notice all information sessions will be virtual. No RSVP needed.

Key Dates & Deadlines

Transfer applicants who want to be considered for direct admission to the Allen School need to fill-out a UW transfer application and a departmental application to the Allen School. Here are the key dates and deadlines: 

Spring Admissions 

Fall Admissions   

UW transfer application deadline: December 15th

Allen School departmental application deadline: January 15th 

UW transfer application deadline: February 15th

Allen School departmental application deadline: April 5th

Application Process

Be prepared to apply to the UW by the application deadline listed for your intended start quarter. If you miss the UW application deadline, you will not be able to apply to an engineering department. See:


  • MATH 124, 125, & 126

  • CSE 142 & 143
  • Five credits of English composition 
  • Five credits of natural science, including one of the following: 
    • Computer Engineering applicants: Physics 121
    • Computer Science applicants: One of Biology 180 or Physics 121 or Chemistry 142

Determining Course Equivalencies

If you are attending a Washington State community or technical college, you can also use our online Equivalency Guide to determine the transferability of your coursework. If your coursework is from another college or university, you can use our online UW course catalog to determine which courses at your institution are most closely related to our prerequisites at UW. It is important to note, though, that the UW is unable to make evaluations for transfer credit until after an applicant has been admitted.

Transfer applicants who want to be considered for direct admission to the Allen School need to fill-out a second departmental application to the Allen School. Please review the following instructions carefully: 

A) Set-up a UW NetID (
For spring transfer applicants that submitted a paper transfer application to UW. Information about setting up a UW NetID will be sent to you via the email address provided in your UW transfer application by the UW Office of Admissions (

B) Update MyPlan (

Complete this step if you have credit from a Washington State Community College. If you do not have credit from a Washington State Community College skip this step. 

  • Sign-in to MyPlan with your UW NetID
  • Click “Find CTC Transfer Equivalency”
  • Enter your date of birth
  • Enter your CTC student ID number
  • Enter the information with all community college courses you are planning to take in the future prior to transferring to UW (if admitted)
  • Click “Find Transfer Equivalency” 
C) Complete your departmental application (

Please make sure to review the instructions and suggestions for each section: 

  • List all colleges and universities that you have attended and/or are attending 
  • Upload all unofficial transcripts from higher education institutions you have attended. Please do not send official transcripts to the Allen School, they are not required for the transfer departmental application.  
Employment & Activities 
  • Please list all post high-school employment, research, volunteer work, extracurricular activities and clubs 
  • If you have been out of high school for a long time, we suggest you focus on activities you have done in the past 5 years
Major Selection
  • Please choose either Computer Engineering or Computer Science (not both). We look at all prospective Computer Engineering and Computer Science transfer students in the same pool. 
  • Non-Washington State Community College Credit:
    • If you have credit from a non-Washington State Community College please enter all of your courses that are from the following departments: AMATH, B CUSP, BIOL, CHEM, CSE, CSS, EE, ENGL, ENGR, HCDE, MATH, PHYS, STAT
    • Please include in progress courses and courses you plan to take in the future prior to transferring to UW (if admitted)
  • Washington State Community College Credit:
    • Your most recent quarter may not be in the central database and imported into MyPlan, in that case you may need to manually enter the courses you took and the courses you plan to complete before matriculating at UW (if admitted).
Personal Statement 
  • Please use the Computer Science & Engineering prompt listed on the UW College of Engineering webpage to write your essay. Our transfer admissions rubric is based on this prompt. The Allen School transfer admissions committee does not review personal statements submitted through the UW Office of Admission's general transfer application in the admissions review process.  
  • Review your application and click submit! We send out departmental decisions in early February for Spring applicants and mid-May for Fall applicants.

What if I Am Not Admitted to the Allen School?

Transfer students who are admitted to UW as pre-majors or to another major will need to apply to our program as a current UW student. These students are not guaranteed a spot in our program and admission is competitive. Additionally, coming to UW as a pre-major transfer student often extends the amount of time until a student can graduate. For this reason, we highly recommend that students who are not admitted directly to our program plan for another major or consider similar programs at other institutions.

Related Majors

Some students intending to study Computer Science or Computer Engineering may not ultimately gain admission to the Allen School, while others may discover another major that is a better for their strategies and goals. Students in other majors enjoy access to our non-majors courses, can serve as Allen School teaching assistants, and can participate in Allen School research.

Below is a sampling of other majors on the UW Seattle campus you may want to explore, based on your interest in our program. Please note that most of these majors are also competitive so it is important to reach out to them and discuss their application procedures.

Other Programs in Washington State

There are similar programs in the area which take transfer students, and we highly recommend that you apply to multiple programs if you're sure you want to study Computer Science or Computer Engineering. You should consider:


Please e-mail the Allen School advisers at We are happy to answer your questions!