This section contains essential information on policies and procedures that help us maintain a vibrant academic community committed to excellence. By accepting a place in our program, students agree to abide by these policies.

Satisfactory Progress Policy

Each student who accepts admission into the Allen School's Computer Science and Computer Engineering degree programs agrees to the provisions of our Satisfactory Progress Policy. This policy describes the level of academic performance required for students to continue in good standing in the school, including course completion and minimum grade requirements, and the procedure we follow to ensure that students are meeting these goals through the Review of Progress.

CSE Honors

Students enrolled in the CS or CE major have the option of pursuing school honors. This section explains the requirements for obtaining CSE honors, including minimum grade point average (GPA), participation in research, and completion of a thesis.

Academic Misconduct

Any form of deception by which a student claims as his or her own work that which actually belongs to another, or otherwise gains unfair advantage over other students is considered Academic Misconduct. This includes cheating on class assignments or examinations and plagiarism, as well as more severe offenses, such as theft or alteration of other academic materials for purposes of acquiring academic credit or enhancing grades. All incidents of alleged Academic Misconduct are reported to the Office of Academic Affairs. The Office of Academic Affairs will then refer the matter to the appropriate College for Student Conduct investigation and adjudication. In all considerations of academic misconduct, the Allen School will carefully follow the letter and the spirit of the University’s Student Conduct Code. More information is available from the UW Community Standards & Student Conduct Office and the Allen School's Academic Misconduct page. Also visit the College of Engineering's detailed overview of the Academic Misconduct Process for more information.

Student Privacy

Instructors and teaching assistants are reminded that the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 requires that the University treat student records in a confidential manner. Student records include examinations and papers submitted by students. Faculty who plan on distributing grades, papers, and exams through departmental mailboxes or in hallways must first have the permission of their students or be prepared to distribute such papers in ways that safeguard the students' personal information. Visit the university's FERPA page and view the complete university policy governing student education records as put forth in the Washington State Administrative Code WAC 478-140.

Applying for Graduation

Graduation is not automatic. Generally, you should file for graduation two or three quarters before you plan to graduate (for example, file during autumn quarter if you plan to graduate at the end of spring quarter). If you are pursuing a double major or double degree, you will need to make an appointment with your other department, as well. If you have a minor, we will check your minor requirements at your CSE graduation appointment. Visit our section on applying for graduation to learn the steps you need to take as you prepare to say goodbye to the Allen School.