Explanation of Satisfactory Progress

Due to limited resources and the need to maintain program quality, we are not able to accept all students who apply to study Computer Science & Engineering (CSE).

Beyond competitive admission to the Allen School, the CSE Satisfactory Progress Policy has been developed to use available resources effectively and to best serve CSE students. Each student who accepts admission into the Computer Science & Engineering degree programs agrees to be bound by the provisions of this document. Certain levels of academic performance are required to continue in good standing in the Allen School. The criteria and procedures below will be used in administering the CSE Satisfactory Progress Policy. These criteria and procedures are in addition to those of the University of Washington.

1. Students must complete three courses applicable toward their degree program each academic quarter in residence except summer quarter.

  • For students pursuing two or more majors or degrees: If a student completes their CS or CE degree requirements and reaches 210 credits, they must take at least 3 courses per quarter towards their other degree(s) to maintain satisfactory progress in CS or CE. Furthermore, any student with 210 or more credits who has completed their CS or CE degree requirements must wait until registration Period 3 to add CSE courses.

2. Students must complete at least one CSE course toward their degree per quarter, or a minimum of three CSE courses toward their degree per year.

3.  In exceptional circumstances students may petition to take fewer than the minimum requirements stated in item 1 above. See an adviser if you wish to petition.

4. The minimum acceptable grade for any course required for the computer science or computer engineering majors (e.g. CSE majors courses, Math 308, TC 231, approved science, etc.) is 2.0. A course may be taken a maximum of two times to satisfy this requirement. All other course requirements are subject to the University’s minimum grade policy.

5.  A student’s quarterly grade point average, and overall cumulative UW grade point average, must not fall below 2.0. If a course is taken more than once, all grades will be used in computing the grade point averages.

6. Students must not engage in academic misconduct. Students in good standing who are found responsible for a violation of the academic misconduct policy will immediately lose their Satisfactory Progress good standing and will be put on school probation, in addition to any University disciplinary sanction which may be imposed through the Student Conduct Code process. Students who violate the academic misconduct policy who are already on CSE departmental probation may be removed from their major and the Allen School.

7. Graduation applications must be filed in accordance with University rules and regulations so that graduation takes place once all the requirements are satisfied.

8. Students who withdraw from the University without prior written approval of the school, or are dropped for non-payment of fees, will forfeit their place in the program. Students must reapply for admission and, if re-admitted, must fulfill the requirements in effect at the time of re-admission.

Review of Progress

Each student’s progress is reviewed at the conclusion of each quarter to ensure compliance with the criteria set forth above. In the event that a student fails to meet the criteria for CSE Satisfactory Progress, a message which indicates the reason(s) for the probationary status will be sent via email. In the absence of compelling extenuating circumstances, such a student will be placed on probation for failing to make CSE Satisfactory Progress. Students who fail to meet the criteria for CSE Satisfactory Progress for two consecutive quarters in residence will be dismissed from the program. In addition, students who accumulate three total quarters of CSE probationary status will also be dismissed from the program. Such action will be communicated in writing to students via email and any current registrations or pre-registrations in departmental courses will be canceled.


It is the responsibility of Computer Science & Engineering students to ensure that they meet all of the degree requirements. Assistance in the program planning is available from an undergraduate advisor. Application for graduation should be made with an advisor at least two quarters prior to the quarter students wish to graduate. See Degree Requirements for more details.