The Allen School and the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering have designed a new track of integrated courses to help students access more digital design courses in both departments. These new classes have replaced CSE 352, and become the required courses for all CE majors who have not already completed CSE 352.

Summary of Changes

  • If you are a CE student graduating in autumn 2015 or later, you should plan to take CSE 390C (new number will be CSE 369) and EE 371.
  • CS students can take these courses if interested. If you are graduating after Autumn 2015, you should take 390c and EE 371, as it will give you more choices in the future. See below for details on how these fulfill CS requirements.

Detailed Explanation

Two new courses (replacing CSE 352) are CSE 390C + EE 371

  • CSE 390C (369) is a 2-credit lab course covering an intro to digital design. 390C counts toward CS and CE elective credits. It's offered Au and Wi this year. Prereq: CSE 311. This should be a reasonable amount of work for 2 credits -- requiring lab time and assignments, but not a full CSE course. 390C is open for registration now.
  • EE 371 essentially replaces 352. It will be offered in Wi and Sp this year, and is planned for every quarter in future years. Prereqs: one of [EE 205 or EE 215]; and one of [CSE 390C or EE271]. Nearly all CE majors should take CSE 390C, not EE 271.
  • After CSE 390C and EE 371, you'll have access to a variety of EE and CSE courses you can take toward CE requirements. See the Senior Elective list and the relevant Course Pathways list for ideas.

Why we created these classes

  • CSE 390C (369) and EE 371 will fulfill the prerequisites for more EE and CSE courses than are currently allowed after 352, which means CS, CE and EE majors will have more options for their advanced coursework.
  • By coordinating on courses and teaching resources, EE and CSE will be able to offer these classes more frequently than similar courses have been offered in the past -- making scheduling easier for students.

How these classes fulfill requirements

CE Majors:CE majors who chose to take 352 will not be impacted. If you don't take new courses, your requirements do not change. For future CE majors and current CE majors who take 390C (369) and EE 371:

  • The new classes should not add any extra credits or courses to your overall plan -- they will fulfill existing requirements.
  • CSE 390C will apply toward CE's required "7 credits of College of Engineering course from the CSE Elective List." This means 390C doesn't add credits or courses to your overall plans -- if you didn't take it, you would take some other credit instead
  • EE 371 will apply in place of 352. As a bonus, because EE 371 will be 5 credits (rather than 352's 4 credits), it covers one extra credit of your total CE senior electives. This extra one credit will count toward your "7 credits of College of Engineering course from the CSE Elective List." This means that students taking the new courses only need to find 4 extra Senior Elective credits in Engineering ... this is compared to students taking 352, who need to find the full 7 credits of Senior Electives in Engineering.

For CS majors:

  • None of the courses discussed here are required for CS, but they can count as electives for CS majors and may interest some students. CS majors graduating before Autumn 2015 should take CSE352, which still counts as a Core course for CS (note: not a 400-level Core). For students who take the new courses, 390C will count toward CS Senior Elective credits, and EE 371 will count as a Core course (just as 352 does; note again that this is not a 400-level Core course).

Who should take these classes:

CSE 390C (369) + EE 371 is the new requirement for all Computer Engineering majors, (replacing the old 352).