Space is extremely limited in our majors-only classes and we often do not have space for students outside of the Allen School. Highly qualified non-majors can request space in these classes on a quarterly basis through our non-major enrollment request form (formerly referred to as a "petition"). Unfortunately, most requests cannot be accommodated due to capacity constraints.

Non-Major Enrollment Request Form

Criteria & Process

A student may be eligible for a majors-only course if:

    1. There is sufficient course staff available
    2. The student is qualified for the course and has taken the prerequisites or appropriate alternatives
    3. There is no suitable non-major alternative to the course available
    4. The student clearly articulates why learning the course material will directly benefit them
    5. The student is able to attend the first day of school (virtually) and all subsequent classes

The enrollment request form for the upcoming quarters will be available on this page as follows:

Summer quarter 2021: The request form for non-major enrollment is now closed. The deadline ended on May 19th. Students will be notified by June 4th.

Fall quarter 2021: The request form is now open (as of August 1st) and will close September 1st. Students will be notified between September 1st and September 24th.

Information for Non-Matriculated Students

After you have submitted your non-major request form, if you are not a current UW student you must turn in a copy of your unofficial transcripts via an email attachment to ugrad-advisor[at]cs[dot]washington[dot]edu to complete the process. If you are also trying to register as a non-matriculated student, please see information from the UW Non-Degree Enrollment office. Non-matriculated students will only get their non-matriculated registration forms signed after we have approved their enrollment request.