Our Mission: Allen School Peer Advisers work under the direction of the Allen School Academic Advising Team to assist current and prospective students navigate their undergraduate experience.

Allen School Peer Advisers support students pursuing or majoring in Computer Science and Computer Engineering at the University of Washington by

  • Connecting students to academic support services at UW including campus resources as well as professional academic and career advisers

  • Educating students on degree requirements, admissions processes, and important policies and procedures

  • Providing academic and career advice grounded in their experiences as a current Allen School student

Email Scheduled Appointments Meet the Peer Advisers

Email a Peer Adviser


Email the peer advisers for answers to simple, close-ended questions. For more complex questions, please plan to speak with a peer adviser at an appointment.

The Allen School Peer Advising Team is on summer break from June 7, 2021 - October 4, 2021. For advising questions, please contact ugrad-adviser@cs.washington.edu for support.

Connect with a Peer Adviser

The Allen School has peer advisers who can talk with current UW students about planning for the major and Allen School admissions, course planning, internship prep, connecting with research, and generally being a successful student. Peer advisers can talk about CSE courses, getting started with research or teaching, landing internships, getting involved with the Allen School or in the UW, and so much more.

Peer Adviser Advising Appointments

The Allen School Peer Advising Team is on summer break from June 7, 2021 - October 4, 2021. For advising questions, please contact ugrad-adviser@cs.washington.edu for support. If you would like to meet with a peer adviser (about 20 - 30 minutes), please schedule an appointment online. Appointments book up to 3 weeks out, so if you are seeing no available meetings please check back for more availability. Appointments are currently available via Zoom.

Resume Lab: For current Allen School CSE majors, peer advisers are available to meet during weekly resume labs to provide feedback on your resume and/or LinkedIn. The virtual resume lab will potentially have a small group of other Allen School students, and a Peer Adviser will rotate between each student to review and provide suggestions for roughly 10-15 mins/student. You will be required to share your screen with your resume. Appointments are required for the Resume Lab and can be booked 3 weeks in advance on our website - https://uwcseappointments.as.me/ugrad.

Personal Statement Review: For applicants applying to the Allen School through the current UW student admissions pathway, peer advisers can provide personal statement review. Personal statement review is not available for the ENGRUD Placement personal statement prompt since it is a separate admissions pathway through the College of Engineering or the BS/MS program. Please note that Allen School academic advisers are unable to provide personal statement review. During your appointment, a peer adviser will review your rough draft and provide suggestions and edits based on their knowledge of the current UW student admissions pathway to the Allen School. Please note that personal statement review is only available for current UW students and is not available for prospective high school or transfer students. Peer advisers only work during the fall, winter, and spring quarters. Personal statement review is not available during the summer.

Meet the Peer Advisers

Photo of Ketaki Deuskar

Ketaki Deuskar

Pronouns: she/her
CSE Classes Taken: CSE 143, 311, 312, 331, 332, 333, 341, 351, 391, 421, (current: 442, 457)

Interests:Tech + social good, reading, teaching, learning to cook, going on hikes, watching The Office, traveling
Extracurriculars: Vice Chair of the Association for Computing Machinery, CSE 143 TA, UW Dream Project Mentor, Peer Adviser

Photo of Audrey Ma

Audrey Ma

Pronouns: she/her
CSE Classes Taken: CSE 143, 351, 311, 332, 312, 344, 331, (current: 421, 442)
Interests:Swimming, playing tennis, bingeing Netflix, reading YA books, learning to cook (fav dish I've made: honey walnut shrimp)
 Extracurriculars: Student Advisory Council Representative, Alpha Kappa Psi member, Peer adviser,  (former) UW Leader

Photo of Justin Bao

Justin Bao

Pronouns: he/him
CSE Classes Taken: CSE 143, 311, 312, 331, 332, 341, 351, (current: 442)
Interests:Photography and videography, podcasting, hiking, cooking, basketball, traveling/exploring, long walks on the beach
 Extracurriculars: Officer of the Chinese Student Association, VP of Tech for Alpha Kappa Psi,  Organizer for DubHacks, Campus Tour Guide, former CSE 14X TA, (podcast host? Does that count?)