Allen School Peer Advisers do not work during Summer quarter. Peer Advisers will resume all advising services during Autumn quarter, beginning on Wednesday, 9/28/22. For assistance over the summer, please email to reach the professional staff advising team.

Our Mission: Allen School Peer Advisers work under the direction of the Allen School Academic Advising Team to assist current and prospective students navigate their undergraduate experience.

Allen School Peer Advisers support students pursuing or majoring in Computer Science and Computer Engineering at the University of Washington by

  • Connecting students to academic support services at UW including campus resources as well as professional academic and career advisers

  • Educating students on degree requirements, admissions processes, and important policies and procedures

  • Providing academic and career advice grounded in their experiences as a current Allen School student

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Email the peer advisers for answers to simple, close-ended questions. For more complex questions, please plan to speak with a peer adviser at an appointment.

Connect with a Peer Adviser

The Allen School has peer advisers who can talk with current UW students about planning for the major and Allen School admissions, course planning, internship prep, connecting with research, and generally being a successful student. Peer advisers can talk about CSE courses, getting started with research or teaching, landing internships, getting involved with the Allen School or in the UW, and so much more.

Peer Adviser Advising Appointments

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Please note: Allen School Peer Advisers do not work during Summer quarter. Peer Advisers will resume appointments and email support on Wednesday, 9/28/22. For assistance over the summer, please email to reach the professional staff advising team.

If you would like to meet with a peer adviser virtually or in-person (20 min appointments), please schedule an appointment online. Appointments book up to 3 weeks out, so if you are seeing no available meetings please check back for more availability.

Resume Lab: For current Allen School CSE majors, peer advisers are available to meet during weekly resume labs to provide feedback on your resume and/or LinkedIn. The virtual resume lab will potentially have a small group of other Allen School students, and a Peer Adviser will rotate between each student to review and provide suggestions for roughly 10-15 mins/student. You will be required to share your screen with your resume. Appointments are required for the Resume Lab and can be booked 3 weeks in advance on our website -

Personal Statement Review: For applicants applying to the Allen School through the current UW student admissions pathway, peer advisers can provide personal statement review. Personal statement review is not available for the ENGRUD Placement personal statement prompt since it is a separate admissions pathway through the College of Engineering or the BS/MS program. Please note that Allen School academic advisers are unable to provide personal statement review. During your appointment, a peer adviser will review your rough draft and provide suggestions and edits based on their knowledge of the current UW student admissions pathway to the Allen School. Please note that personal statement review is only available for current UW students and is not available for prospective high school or transfer students. Peer advisers only work during the fall, winter, and spring quarters. Personal statement review is not available during the summer.

Meet the Peer Advisers

Photo of Ketaki Deuskar

Ketaki Deuskar

Pronouns: she/her
CSE Classes Taken: 143, 311, 312, 331, 332, 333, 344, 351, 421, 442, 446, 457, 461 (current: 484, 451)
Favorite Non-CSE Classes: PSYCH 210 (Human Sexuality), GH 456 (Global Mental Health), HSTCMP 202 (World Wars 1 and 2)
Extracurricular Involvement:CSE 143 TA (previously: 142, 311), Peer Advisor, former ACM officer (Vice Chair, Social Event Coordinator, Associate Officer), UW Dream Project Mentor
Interests: Tech + social good, reading, cooking, teaching, traveling, watching sunrises/sunsets, planning road trips, The Office

College is a time of exploration so take classes you’re genuinely interested in, step out of your comfort zone, and stay curious. There is no one set path in CS and in college even if it may seem like there is! :)

Photo of Isha Jodh

Isha Jodh

Pronouns: she/her
CSE Classes Taken: 190, 311, 312, 331, 332, 333, 341, 351, 421
Favorite Non-CSE Classes: Pharm 301 - Medications and Health, Info 200 - Intellectual Foundations, PHG 303 - DTC Genetic Testing Issues
Extracurricular Involvement: Impact++, Engineers Without Borders, BEA (Business Ethics Association), TA for CS + Social Good class, CSE Ambassador, Peer Adviser, UW Alumni Association Student Ambassador, Neah Bay Riverways Program
Interests: martial arts, baking/cooking, hiking, traveling, painting

Get involved early and try different activities out to see which ones you like the most. Don't box yourself into one set path and instead try to do something out of your comfort zone, since you'll experience a lot of growth and might discover something new that you love to do. For academics, I'd say go to office hours a lot and talk to your classmates/TAs/professors often, and don't be scared to ask a lot of questions! The Allen school offers a lot of support, resources, and opportunities so it is up to you how many you utilize here.

Photo of Annalice Ni

Annalice Ni

Pronouns: she/her
CSE Classes Taken: 143, 311, 312, 331, 332, 351, 391, 333, 344, 421, 484, 451, 446, 455, 461, 492E - computer ethics seminar, (current: 442, 490 - Deep Learning)
Favorite Non-CSE Classes: PSYCH 250 - Racism and Minority Groups, MATH 318 - Advanced Linear Algebra, HONORS 220 - The Biology of Human Diversity
Extracurricular Involvement: Research at Ubicomp Lab, Peer Advising, CSE Strategy Planning Group, (prev. ACM)
Interests: Computer ethics, applied ML, reading, video games (mostly Nintendo Switch), arts & crafts, cooking, rock climbing

Focus on what you want to do with your UW experience and don’t feel pressured to pursue certain opportunities just because people around you are doing so. You only have so many years as a college student, so spend it doing what you’re passionate about! That being said, be open to trying new things at the Allen School because there’s so much you can explore and learn about during your time here.

Photo of Sam Levy

Sam Levy

Pronouns: he/him
CSE Classes Taken: CSE 143, 311, 312, 332, 373, 351, 333, 391, 421, 473, 446 (Fall quarter)
Favorite Non-CSE Classes: Math 318 - Advanced Linear Algebra: Tools and Applications, Engr 105 - Introduction to Engineering Design, LSJ 200 -Introduction to Law, Societies, and Justice (I am taking this in in the fall and am incredibly excited!), Honors 230 - Prison Logics and Abolition Futures
Extracurricular Involvement: Orientation Leader (former), Technical Project Manager for Impact++, Peer adviser!
Interests: Reading, listening to podcasts, running, hiking, backpacking, learning to play guitar, and doing sudoku :)

I would recommend more than anything reaching out to other students and professors to build relationships. You will see the same people in your classes over and over again and so reaching out towards the beginning of college makes forming study groups and building friendships a lot easier! I'd also recommend students explore other interests they have whether that be by taking different classes, exploring other clubs/student organizations, or joining groups outside of UW! It's a really good way to ensure you avoid burning out and have more fun in college!

Photo of Khang Phoong

Khang Phoong

Pronouns: he/him
CSE Classes Taken: 142, 143, 154, 373, 311, 312, 331, 332, 351, 391, 344, 444, 446, 447, 421, 481N (NLP Capstone), 498 (Research)
Favorite Non-CSE Classes: HSTAA 402 (Witchcraft in Colonial New England), MUSEN 301 (Wind Ensemble), MUSICP 329 (Clarinet)
Extracurricular Involvement: Peer Adviser, TA for CSE 312, Research Assistant with the ICTD Lab, Former Secretary of Hip Hop Student Association/ Member of the Dance Team
Interests: Clarinet, Dancing, Watching Korean Entertainment Shows

School can be stressful and overwhelming sometimes, remember to take breaks often and indulge in your interests and hobbies to destress. It is good to form study groups with friends so that you can help one another learn and understand course content better.