AndressaAndressa Chan

Hi, I’m Andressa! I’m a junior studying computer science, and I’m super excited to work with you all! I’m from Renton, WA, but before that, I lived in Canada and Brazil for a while. So far at UW, I have been a CSE 14x TA and I’m currently doing research for the Human-Centered Robotics lab. This past summer I interned at Google as part of the Google Play Protect team and worked on a security related project. Apart from CS-related activities, I am also an officer for TSA (Taiwanese Student Association), aka the student group that plans the yearly UW Night Market! Some of my hobbies include hiking, biking, playing racquet sports & the violin, napping, and playing with my dog. Feel free to drop by and ask me anything!

LoaayLoaay Mansour

Hello I’m Loaay! A Senior studying Computer Engineering in the Allen School and pursuing a minor in Urban Planning & Real Estate. I’m originally from Alexandria, Egypt, but I’ve also lived in South Korea, and spent a large portion of my life in Dubai, UAE. Over the past 3 years, I’ve been a 14X TA, and was also President and one of the founding members of the Arab Student Association. I spent last summer interning at DocuSign where I got to work on building and automating internal tools. I’m also a licensed Scuba Diver, and love to travel and go scuba diving in my free time. Really excited to be a Peer Adviser this year, do say Hi if you see me walking around! 

AmirAmir Mola

I'm a senior studying Computer Science (Data Science) at the UW. I was born and raised in Kerman, Iran and moved to Seattle when I was 16 by myself. During my time here, I have been a researcher for CSE computer vision lab, 14X TA, PM for Ecocar's Connected and Automated Vehicle team and now serving as a peer adviser. I am also a member of Theta Xi Fraternity, so feel free to ask me about Greek life if you are interested. This past summer I was an AI intern at AXON, where I worked on fabulous AI projects for law enforcement officers. In my free time, I enjoy exploring new places in Seattle (if rain allows) and trying out different restaurants/foods. I am super excited to be a Peer Adviser this year, feel free to stop by and ask me anything!

StephenStephen Moxley

Hi! I'm Stephen, a senior studying computer science. I was an Air Force child growing up and have lived in 10 places, including England and Japan. Since coming to UW I've been involved in research, multiple RSO's outside of CSE, Student Advisory Council, and I'm currently the chair of Q++. I interned at Splunk this summer, and I'm passionate about community involvement and inclusion. Outside of school, I love trying new cafés, exploring the city, and getting out to see all that Washington has to offer. Feel free to reach out with any questions you have!



AishuAishu Murari

Hey, I’m Aishu! I am originally from the Bay Area, and I'm currently a senior studying Computer Science here at UW. Since moving to Seattle, I have volunteered as a mentor to high school students through the UW Dream Project and have taken on various leadership roles within my sorority Alpha Xi Delta, most recently the position of Academic Achievement Director. I have interned at Amazon AWS and just completed an internship with Facebook on the Gaming team this summer. I am passionate about facilitating access to education, and in my free time I enjoy hiking, eating, playing with dogs, watching basketball, and spending quality time with my friends. I’m super excited to serve as a Peer Adviser this year and get to know you all!

LuciaLucia Vina Patino

Hi, I'm Lucia! I am currently a senior in the Allen School studying computer science. I am originally for La Coruña, Spain but I also spent a large part of my childhood in Menlo Park, California. I came into UW thinking I wanted to study business and quickly switched majors once I took a couple CS courses. Since moving to Seattle for college, I have gotten involved in a number of things on campus. I have studied abroad (and taken CS classes abroad) and I have volunteered at a food bank since freshmen year. Apart from school, I spent this last summer interning at Amazon in Madrid, Spain. There I worked in the data services team for global Prime Wardrobe. The summer after sophomore year, I also interned at a smaller data-virtualization company called Denodo. In my free time I love to travel, run long-distance, learn about different cultures, eat yummy food, visit my family, go to sports games, and spend time with my friends. I am so happy to be a peer advisor this year and I am looking forward to meeting you all!

SavannaSavanna Yee

I am Savanna and I am a Senior (out of five years) pursuing a double degree with Informatics and a minor in Philosophy.  I am from Bellevue, WA and I was homeschooled before college. I am thrilled to contribute to the beloved CSE community as a peer adviser this year!  This year I will also be an officer for ACM-W and a 142 TA fall quarter. Besides classes I can talk about research, being a TA, CSE leadership, internships (both summer and off-season), and mental health and wellness, and I’ll always do my best to help with whatever you want to talk about!  I enjoy making all kinds of art, swing dancing, biking, singing, writing, cooking/eating, and doing all kinds of puzzles. I also love meeting new people (and seeing old friends, of course) so come visit me!