This page lists all Allen School student theses, archived online since 2005.


TR15-01: PDF Winner, 2015 Best Senior Thesis Award
Probability Type Inference for Flexible Approximate Programming
Brett Boston, supervised by Dan Grossman

TR15-02: PDF
Tleilax: Porting Tor to Arrakis
Sunjay Cauligi, supervised by Tom Anderson

TR15-03: PDF
EKG Monitoring and Arrhythmia Detection
Amaris Chen, supervised by Bruce Hemingway

TR15-04: PDF
Automated Analysis of Paper-Based Immunoassay Tests
Krittika D'Silva, supervised by Gaetano Borriello & Paul Yager

TR15-05: PDF 
The Wisdom of Multiple Guesses
Ryan Drapeau, supervised by Johan Ugander and Carlos Guestrin

TR15-06: PDF
Extending Streaming Features for Myria
Yuqing Guo, supervised by Magdalena Balazinska

TR15-07: PDF
Tabletop Manipulation
Dylan Holmes, supervised by Emanuel Todorov

TR15-08: PDF
Peer-to-peer Data Transfer in Resource Constrained Environments
Shahar Levari, supervised by Gaetano Borriello & Richard Anderson

TR15-09: PDF
OBA Research & Development
Aengus McMillin, supervised by Alan Borning

TR15-10: PDF
A Web Based Tool for Labeling the 3D World
Aaron Nech, supervised bySteve Seitz & Richard Newcombe

TR15-11: PDF
Talk Space: Developing the Online Salon
Karthik Palaniappan, supervised by Alan Borning

TR15-12: PDF
Identification of Unstructured Language Indicating Multiple Objects
Vivek Paramasivam, supervised by Luke Zettlemoyer

TR15-13: PDF
Distributed Sampling in a Big Data Management System
Dan Radion, supervised by Dan Suciu

TR15-14: PDF
Algebraic Simplification for the Herbie Project
Alex Sanchez-Stern, supervised by Zachary Tatlock

TR15-15: PDF
Understanding Charts in Research Papers: A Learning Approach
Noah Siegel, supervised by Ali Farhadi

TR15-16: PDF
LeagueSpeak: The Language of Skill in Leage of Legends
King O. Xia, supervised by James Fogarty



TR14-01: PDF
POMDP-Based Interaction and Interactive Natural Language Grounding with a NAO Robot
Maxwell Forbes, supervised by Rajesh Rao

TR14-02: PDF
Running N-body Use Cases on Myria
Lee Lee Choo, supervised by Magdalena Balazinska

TR14-03: PDF
Verification Games Type Systems
Nathaniel Mote, supervised by Michael Ernst

TR14-04: PDF
PNA: Protein-Nucleic Acid Complex Structure Prediction
Raymond Zhang, supervised by Martin Tompa

TR14-05: PDF Winner, 2014 Best Senior Thesis Award
DCDN: Distributed Content Delivery for the Modern Web 
Nick Martindell, supervised by Tom Anderson & Arvind Krishnamurthy

TR14-06: PDF
Data Purchase Advisor: Cost-Effective Data Acquisition for Shared Data Analysis
Martina Unutzer, supervised by Magdalena Balazinska

TR14-07: PDF
Investigation into Measuring Blood Pressure with a Mobile Phone
Molly Moen, supervised by Gaetano Borriello

TR14-08: PDF
Vaspol Ruamviboonsuk, supervised by Richard Ladner

TR14-09: PDF
Modeling Relational Vocabulary for Grounded Language Acquisition
Caitlin Harding, supervised by Luke Zettlemoyer

TR14-10: PDF
Spectral Graph Theory, Expanders, and Ramanujan Graphs
Christopher WIlliamson, supervised by James Lee & Anup Rao

TR14-11: PDF
Eyes-Free Error Detection and Correction of Speech Dictation on Mobile Devices
Rochelle Ng, supervised by Richard Ladner

TR14-12: PDF
On a Competitive Secretary Problem
Eric Lei, supervised by Anna Karlin




TR13-01: PDF
Traceur: Inferring Variable Control Flow Using Synoptic With Multiple Relation Types
Timothy Vega, supervised by Michael Ernst

TR13-02: PDF 1, PDF 2, PDF 3
Monitors: Keeping Informed on Code Changes [PDF 1]
News and Notification: Propagating Releveant Changes to Developers [PDF 2]
Refinements and Git Integration with Notifications and Monitoring [PDF 3]
Christopher Dentel
supervised at ETH Zurich by Christian Estler, Dr. Martin Nordio, & Prof. Dr. Bertrand Meyer
supervised at UW by David Notkin

TR13-03: PDF 1, PDF 2, PDF 3
Contract Inserter: A Tool for Automatically Generating and Inserting C# Code Contracts
Forrest Coward, supervised by Michael Ernst

TR13-04: PDF
ODK Tables Graphing Tool
Nathan Brandes, supervised by Gaetano Borriello

TR13-05: PDF
Probabilistic Co-Adaptive Brain-Computer Interfacing
Matthew Bryan, supervised by Rajesh Rao

TR13-06: PDF
Stroke Rehabilitation Through Motor Imagery Controlled Humanoid
Priya Chagaleti, supervised by Rajesh Rao

TR13-07: PDF
Analyzer: Integrated Tools to Guide the Application of Machine Learning
Christopher Clark, supervised by Oren Etzioni

TR13-08: PDF
Considering Accuracy and Diversity when Creating Ensembles of Classifiers
Michael Fain, supervised by James Fogarty

TR13-09: PDF
ODK Tables Maps
Christopher Gelon, supervised by Gaetano Borriello

TR13-10: PDF
Appliance Reader
Antonius Denny Harijanto, supervised by Richard Ladner

TR13-11: PDF
Towards a Theory of Multiparty Information Complexity
Samuel Hopkins, supervised by Paul Beame

TR13-12: PDF
Instance-Based Recognition of Screen-Rendered Text in a System for Pixel-Based Reverse-Engineering of Graphical Interfaces
Stephen Joe Jonany, supervised by James Fogarty

TR13-13: PDF
Identifying Idiomatic Language at Scale
Grace Muzny, supervised by Luke Zettlemoyer

TR13-14: PDF
Identifying Application Breakage Caused by Virtualization
Steven Portzer, supervised by Arvind Krishnamurthy

TR13-15: PDF Winner, 2013 Best Senior Thesis Award
An API For Touch-Free Interfaces For Andriod Devices
Leeran Raphaely, supervised by Gaetano Borriello

TR13-16: PDF
ODK Tables: Improving the Custom Views
Heidi So, supervised by Gaetano Borriello

TR13-17: PDF
Leveraging Data Invariants in Model Interfernce for Test Case Generation
Roykrong Sukkerd, supervised by Michael Ernst



TR12-01: PDF
InvariMint: Modeling Logged Behavior with Invariant DFAs
Jenny Abrahamson, supervised by Michael Ernst

TR12-02: PDF
Quantum Compiler Optimizations
Jeff Booth, supervised by Aram Harrow

TR12-03: PDF
StopFinder: Improving the Experience of Blind Public Transit Riders with Crowdsourcing
Sanjana Prasain, supervised by Alan Borning

TR12-04: PDF
A Type System for Regular Expressions
Eric Spishak, supervised by Michael Ernst

TR12-05: PDF
Run-Length Encoding Markovian Streams
Jennifer Wong, supervised by Magdalena Balazinska

TR12-06: PDF
Expanding the Depth Cloud: How to Intelligently Improve Grasping
Matthew Mullen, supervised by Joshua Smith

TR12-08: PDF
Simultaneous Tracking of Two Hands Using Camshift
Eric Hare, supervised by Dieter Fox

TR12-07: PDF
A Cold Chain Data Visualization Tool
Melissa Winstanley, supervised by Ruth Anderson

TR12-09: PDF Winner, 2012 Best Senior Thesis Award
The Elan Programming Language for Field-Programmable Gate Arrays
Elliott Brossard, supervised by Carl Ebeling

TR12-10: PDF
The Friendbo Attention Bar: Improving Engagement with Web Feeds on Social Networking Sites
Greg Bigelow, supervised by James Landay

TR12-11: PDF
Namaste: A Yoga Activity Logging Sensor
Milda Zizyte, supervised by Shewtak Patel

TR12-12: PDF
Efficient MapReduce Applications
Finn Parnell, supervised by Luis Ceze

TR12-13: PDF
ODK Tables: A Customizable Data Management Application for Android
Hilary Worden, supervised by Gaetano Borriello

TR12-14: PDF
A Synchronization Protocol for ODK Tables and ODK Aggregate
Dylan Price, supervised by Gaetano Borriello

TR12-15: PDF
Computer Security in the Undergraduate Curriciulum
Miles Sackler, supervised by Tadayoshi Kohno



TR11-01: PDF
Improving DHT Routing Performance in Harmony using Client Caching
Allison Obourn, supervised by Tom Anderson

TR11-03: PDF
Smart Connect: Developing an SMS-Based Communcations Systems for Health Clinics in Vietnam
Krysta Yousoufian, supervised by Richard Anderson

TR11-04: PDF
Improving performance of prototype recognition in Prefab
Orkhan Muradov, supervised by James Fogarty

TR11-05: PDF  Winner, 2011 Best Senior Thesis Award
LIFEGUARD: Locating Internet Failure Events and Generating Usable Alternate Routes Dynamically
Robert Colin Scott, supervised by Tom Anderson

TR11-06: PDF
Towards Practical Brain-Computer Interfaces: Hierarchical Learning and Source Estimation
Willy Cheung, supervised by Rajesh Rao

TR11-07: PDF
Improving Open Data Kit Collect's Multiple Choice Data Entry Methods
Jeffrey Beorse, supervised by Gaetano Borriello

TR11-08: PDF
Runtime Verification of Portable Programming Interfaces
Jeff Rasley, supervised by Justin Cappos



TR10-01: PDF
Modeling a Lattice-Traversing Robot

Albert Chiu, supervised by Eric Klavins

TR10-02: PDF
Haptic Laser
Erik Rosenkrantz Dennison Turnquist, supervised by Shwetak Patel

TR10-03: PDF
The Cinematic Sandbox: Utilizing Video Game Engines for Rapid Prototyping of Animated Films
Nicholas Garrett, supervised by Barbara Mones

TR10-04: PDF  Winner, 2010 Best Senior Thesis Award
Applications of the IP Timestamp Option to Internet Measurement
Justine Sherry, supervised by Tom Anderson

TR10-05: PDF
Iterative Design and Implementation of an Educational Platform for Shared Computing Contexts
Sunil Garg, supervised by Richard Anderson

TR10-06: PDF
Deployment and Evaluation of an Educational Platform for Shared Computing Contexts
Clint Tseng, supervised by Richard Anderson

TR10-07: PDF
MultiViewer Imaging Viewer: Automated Calibration PET Phanton Analysis Project
Yogesh Saletore, supervised by Linda Shapiro



TR09-01: PDF
Node Containment in the Seattle Testbed
Cosmin Barsan, supervised by Justin Cappos

TR09-02: PDF
Simulating Hand Interaction in a Virtual Environment with Open Dynamics Engine and CyberGlove
Nick Nunley, supervised by Miro Enev

TR09-03: PDF  Winner, 2009 Best Senior Thesis Award
Real-Time Classification of Everyday Fitness Activities on Windows Mobile
Alireza Bagheri Garakani, supervised by James Fogarty



TR08-01: PDF Winner, 2008 Best Senior Thesis Award
Maintaining Intelligibility of ASL Video in the Presence of Data Loss

Sam Whittle, supervised by Richard Ladner

TR08-02: PDF
Parallel N-Body Simulation Using Problem Space Promotion
Brandon Farrell, supervised by Larry Snyder

TR08-03: PDF
Exploring New Applications for Parallel Programming: Envisioning a New Realm
David Tepper, supervised by Larry Snyder



TR07-01: PDF
Connecting Diets to Disease: Using Data-Mining to Find Links between Food Comsumption and Chronic Diseases

Alex Zheng, supervised by Rajesh Rao

TR07-02: PDF
Tagged Representations in WIL
Daria Craciunoiu, supervised by Craig Chambers

TR07-03: PDF
Multicore ZPL
Steven P. Smith, supervised by Larry Snyder

TR07-04: PDF
Implementing NOT EXISTS Predicates over a Probabilistic Database
Ting-You Wang, supervised by Dan Suciu

TR07-05: PDF  Winner, 2007 Best Senior Thesis Award
Context-Based Arithmetic Coding for the DCT: Achieving high compression rates with block transforms and simple context modeling
Kyle Littlefield, supervised by Richard Ladner



TR06-01: PDF Winner, 2006 Best Senior Thesis Award
Feature-Based Classification of the Mouse Eye Images

Jenny Yuen, supervised by Linda Shapiro



TR05-01: PDF Winner, 2005 Best Senior Thesis Award
Text Segmentation and Grouping for Tactile Graphics

Matthew Renzelmann, supervised by Richard Ladner

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