Drumheller Fountain on UW campus

Welcome to the Allen School alumni pages!  These pages contain pointers to the latest happenings around the Allen School, upcoming events, and items of interest to our graduates.

  • Our alumni directory is hosted at AfterCollege.com (the same site that hosts our resume database). Follow these instructions to registerPlease note:  your email address is kept private — it cannot be harvested from this site by spammers.  Someone who wants to email you must use a 'blind drop box' through the AfterCollege site, protecting your address.
  • We offer two alumni email groups— one for all alumni, and another for alumni still living in the Seattle area.
  • If you are in the local high-tech workforce and are interested in continuing your education, CSE offers a Professional Master's Program that features evening courses and some distance learning.

Have ideas for alumni events or services, or want to comment on the quality of our academic programs? Get in touch