All in the Family

Art in the Paul G. Allen School

Since the opening of the Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering in October 2003, we've been assembling a small collection of artworks for the building. The theme for our collection is All in the Family, because all of the artists have a close relationship to the University of Washington. With the opening of the Bill & Melinda Gates Center in 2019 we added additional works with the same theme in that building. It is impressive how many outstanding artists have passed through the UW campus, and we're excited to have examples of their work on display.

This Web site provides more details about the artists and the works in our collection. I hope that you enjoy the art located in the Allen Center and Gates Center shown on these Web pages.

Hank Levy, Professor and Allen School Curator

UW Artists

Jeffrey Bishop
Wendell Brazeau
Kenneth Callahan
Chuck Close
Imogen Cunningham
Mabel Lisle Ducasse
Joe Max Emminger
Karen Ganz
Fay Jones
Robert C. Jones
John-Franklin Koenig
Jacob Lawrence
Margie Livingston
Norman Lundin
James Martin
Alden Mason
Stephen McClelland
Johsel Namkung
Ambrose Patterson
Viola Patterson
Mary Randlett
George Rodriguez
Julie Speidel
Roger Shimomura
Akio Takamori
George Tsutakawa
Art Wolfe

Art Installations

Erwin Redl

CSE Artists

CSE Graduate Students (Steam-Powered Turing Machine Mural)
David Salesin (Photographs from Bhutan)
Bruce Hemingway (UW Arboretum photographs)
Anonymous ("This space intentionally left blank")