"This space intentionally left blank."

In December 2005, a new work, Eponymous, appeared mysteriously in the Allen Center 5th floor hallway near the offices of Ed Lazowska and Gaetano Borriello. The work even included its own name tag in the style of other building art tags, listing the name of the piece and the artist, Anonymous. Sometime shortly after, a typed note from Anonymous was slipped under Hank Levy's door. The note stated:

"The spotlights in front of Ed's and Gaetano's offices were on for around a year...those lights on an empty wall simply cried for attention. Finally, in December, I couldn't help myself anymore and I arted."

We're just happy that nobody was around when it happened! We're also curious about the name -- if Eponymous is eponymous, shouldn't it be Anonymous?

Art in the Allen Center