The paintings of self-taught artist Joe Max Emminger are based on simple scenes, simple lines, and bold colors. Emminger's work depicts family, pets, and his favorite Northwest landmarks, such as Greenlake, Pike Place Market, and Lopez Island. His paintings are both humerous and touching.

Born and raised in Seattle, Emminger dropped out of high school and joined the army. Realizing later the importance of education, he finished his high school diploma and eventually enrolled at the University of Washington, where he received a BA in Communication in 1973. While a part-time student, Emminger discovered art and taught himself through reading at the UW art library. Painting became a central part of his life and Emminger has painted every day ever since.

We have two Emminger paintings in the Allen Center: Greenlake Sunday Afternoon (shown above) can be seen on the 4th floor, while Blue Baby is relaxing one floor below.


Linda Hodges Gallery, Seattle

Yard Dog Gallery, Austin, TX

Seattle Weekly Article, 2006

Art in the Allen Center