Congratulations Inspirational Teachers!

The Allen School Inspirational Teachers Celebration recognizes K-12 and community college instructors who are nominated by our current undergraduates. Allen School faculty and staff appreciate this opportunity to connect with a broader educational community and to reward educators who inspired our talented students. The quality of our program relies on the preparation and inspiration our students receive before coming to the UW. For teachers and students, this is an opportunity to reconnect and see how far they have come.

2021 Inspirational Teachers Recognition

We appreciate the hard work of educators in all areas, and their great impact on Allen School students. Due to the pandemic, we cannot hold our usual Inspirational Teachers Celebration, so this year we will be sending teachers a swag box and a framed quote from the student who nominated them.

Nominating a Teacher

Allen School students have been sent an email containing information on nominating a teacher. If you are an Allen School student and you would like to nominate a teacher but do not have the email, please message