Congratulations to all of our 2017-2018 Inspirational Teachers!

The Allen School Inspirational Teachers Banquet recognizes K-12 and community college instructors nominated by our current undergraduates. Allen School faculty and staff appreciate this opportunity to connect with a broader educational community and to reward educators who inspired our talented students. The quality of our program relies on the preparation and inspiration our students receive before coming to the UW. For teachers and students, this is an opportunity to reconnect and see how far they've come.  

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Broadening Participation in Computing award

The Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering Broadening Participation in Computing award was created to recognize a K-12 or community college educator who has made significant contributions to diversity and inclusion in computer science. The Allen School believes that diversity and inclusion in CS are crucial to the success of our field; we also believe that that diversity and inclusion are achievable. 

The inagural winner of our Broadening Participation in Computing award is Sam Procopiol. Now Principal of Bishop Blanchet High School, Sam spent nine years as teacher and Math Chair at Holy Names Academy where he expanded their CS program and encouraged an impressive number of women to pursue CS. The Allen School has been fortunate to enrolled many women from Holy Names, most of whom were inspired to consider CS by Sam. Among our Holy Names Alumnae, we’ve seen women of all socioeconomic backgrounds, first-generation college students, and women of all races and ethnicities.

Sam is among our most-often-nominted Inspirational Teachers. Here are two nominations from his former students: 

“Mr. Procopio is hands-down the reason I am interested in CS. He always goes the extra mile: constantly emailing us about coding competitions and articles. He also seeks out new opportunities to help his students succeed, including a summer internship that helped me determine that CS is the right field for me. There is not a doubt in my mind that he is the reason I am where I am today.  He is hands-down the most influential teacher I've ever had, and I owe him a lot." 

"Mr. Procopio is truly the reason I got into Computer Science. He walks around to all of the math classes at my all-girls school and tells us we would be great at CS and we should try it. No matter what the award, Mr. Procopio deserves to win it." 

2018 Banquet Details

We appreciate the hard work of educators in all areas, and your great impact on UW Computer Science & Engineering students. We hope you'll allow us to thank you for your service at a special event on the UW campus. Along with dinner, you'll be able to tour our facilities and reconnect with your former student.

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