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beliefnetcorrupt File Reference

Detailed Description

Makes some random changes to a BeliefNet.

This program loading an existing belief network (in BIF format) and corrupts it in several, user controlable, ways. This can be used to generate prior networks for structure learning, or to create several similar synthetic concepts (with the help of beliefnetdata) from a single benchmark network.

Multiple runs with the same seed parameter produce the same results.

VFML comes with a collection of benchmark belief nets, and you may want more information on these.

Wish List:
This tool does not do anything smart with parameters when it changes the structure, and it should.



beliefnetcorrupt -f corrupted -bnf alarm.bif -numChanges 2 -seed 111

Creates a network based on the alarm network by adding 2 links, then removing 2 links, then reversing 2 links. Reproduce the same network everytime the same arguments are used (thanks to the seed parameter).

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