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Decision Tree Section

Detailed Description

All of these are related to the use and construction of decision trees.


file  AttributeTracker.h
 Keep a record of which attributes are active.

file  C45interface.h
 Calls the C4.5 decision tree learning system and returns the learned tree.

file  c45wrapper
 Calls C4.5 and tests the learned tree.

file  c50wrapper
 Calls C5.0 and tests the learned tree.

file  cvfdt
 Learns a DecisionTree from a high-speed time-changing data stream (or very large data set).

file  decisionstump
 Learns a decision stump (a DecisionTree with only one split).

file  DecisionTree.h
 A Decision Tree Structure.

file  Example.h
 ADT for training (and testing, etc.) data.

file  ExampleGroupStats.h
 Sufficient statistics for Entropy and Gini.

file  ExampleSpec.h
 Schema for training data.

file  REPrune.h
 Peforms reduced error pruning on a decision tree.

file  treedata
 Creates a synthetic data set by sampling from a randomly generated DecisionTree.

file  vfdt
 Learns a decision tree from a high-speed data stream or very large data set.

file  vfdt-engine.h
 An API which lets your program learn a DecisionTree from a high-speed data stream.

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