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 CSE 100 Autumn 1999
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 CSE 142 Winter 2000
 CSE 142 Spring 1999
 CSE 142 Winter 1999
 CSE 143 Spring 2000
 CSE 143 Autumn 1998
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 North Seattle Community College
 Shoreline Community College
 Green River Community College
 Highline Community College

The University of Washington's Department of Computer Science & Engineering, in collaboration with several area community colleges, is exploring a new approach to introductory computer science education.

Our experiment addresses two issues. The first is the extraordinary labor involved in preparing materials for intensive courses such as UW's CSE 142 and CSE 143 -- generically, "CS 1" and "CS 2." Can we achieve economies? The second is articulation: can we make our courses more comparable, to facilitate transfer and to improve the foundation of all students?

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